Welcome to the Thursday edition of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. I am your host, as always, Mr. Tito. I took yesterday off because as I was trying to write the PDC, I was pretty much going no where with it. The lack of news or anything really interesting to preach about just didn't seem to be there yesterday, hence no PDC.

I mean, RAW just isn't a big news-making show. The focus of the WWF appears to be on Smackdown, where the precious Hulk Hogan is, the company's new top face. And hell, I can't talk about Smackdown since I REFUSE to reveal Spoilers in this very column, and for the most part, I avoid reading them myself.

Oh well. I guess I'll combine what little thoughts I had of yesterday's column into today's. On to the PDC.


-RAW repeated their 4.8 rating from last week. Now you could say "hey, the numbers are getting stable". However, upon further investigation, you'll know that that the hours scored a 4.8 and a 4.7 rating. A 4.8 is a hot first hour, but a 4.7 is a very weak second hour. Last week's 4.8 overall rating came from a rating in the low 4.0's for the first hour, and something in the 5.0's for the second hour. This week's show proved that there was some newfound interest in the WWF by the high rating in the first hour, only for fans to say "screw this" and not bother with the 2nd hour. Who knows?

But again, you could argue the lack of a strong roster for RAW. The first hour probably benefitted from the long 20 minute interview, which seemed to be 25 minutes long. Sure, I don't like them, but long periods of time without commercials will draw fans. But look at 3 matches in the first hour alone. Bubba vs. Raven in a pathetic WWF Hardcore match.... Big Show vs. Shawn Stasiak.... Crash Holly vs. Jackie from an Mtv Heat feud... Those aren't the kind of matches to keep a fanbase around for a second hour. It's clearly obvious that the opening segment drew a hot rating, but the rest of the show was tanked by an again, pathetic undercard.

The second hour was far better than the first, but hey, it didn't rocket up to the 5.0 level. Many WWF fans just watch the 2nd hour, since things appear to happen during that hour, at least in their minds, such as the main event. We didn't see that this week, or we did, since many who watched the first hour said "hell with the second hour" after seeing 3 back to back poor midcard matches. At least that's my theory....

-Reports are surfacing that the Rock won't be back in the WWF for a while, with his new booming movie career, especially if the "Scorpion King" is a box office smash. Yikes. If any show is hurt by this, it's WWF Smackdown. Don't tell me that Hulk Hogan will carry the load for that show. HA! He's already getting hampered by injuries, and what says the fans will keep cheering for Hogan? What does? If you take a look at the many Hulkamania comebacks in WCW, you'll find that fans were interested in the short term, only to get sick of the Red and Yellow in the long run. Maybe Triple H will carry the load?

-Here's a suggestion for Kane: Since he's injured, have some Hollywood make up guys do some work on him for ONE show. With a dismembered face, have him come up to Flair and ask the Nature Boy to fund some plastic surgery, citing a possible lawsuit for being hurt on the job by the NWO. Flair can't turn him down, since one of the attackers was Kevin Nash, a man whom he suspended that night. So Flair funds it, and Kane has the "plastic surgery", thereby allowing Kane to wrestle without the mask. Sure, you'd see Isaac Yankem, but how many 1998 fans would remember the Evil Dentist? NONE OF THEM! Isaac Yankem was NOT in the WWF during 1998, for he was Kane by the end of 1997. So don't worry about how many of us "smart" fans will snicker about it.

And besides, I don't think of Kane as "Isaac Yankem". In my mind, Glen Jacobs has well established himself as Kane in the WWF. He's been a steady force in the WWF for quite sometime, and his look and entrance are burned in my mind, forever, no matter what now. I no longer see Jabobs as the man who was PISSED off that Jerry Lawler had to kiss Bret Hart's feet in the famous "Kiss My Foot" match. I see the Big Red Machine, and I'm sure that most everyone would agree with that, right?

-Congrats to Bill Goldberg for yet another dumb arm injury. In a celebrity car race, Goldberg pounded his gear shifter at one point in the race, thereby screwing up some tendons in his wrist. If you remember, Goldberg screwed up his arm in early 2000 after punching the window of a limo on a Nitro. The same thing applies then as it does now: he'll get to sit home and collect millions while injured. He has to love how much he demanded of Time Warner to pay him.

ON SMACKDOWN TONIGHT: Tonight is the final night to be convinced that you must buy Backlash on what day? Remember folks, there's an easy way to remember what day Backlash is on... It's on Sunday, which is also Mr. Tito's 22nd birthday. Whoooo! The WWF needs to press the issue of Hulk Hogan vs. Triple H, as I just don't see strong hype for that match. You could perceive this as a "dream match", in some minds, pitting a past superstar against one of today's biggest ones.

Last week, we saw Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho for a new coalition, and then screw with Hulk Hogan and Triple H afterward. So what match should you expect to be the Main Event this evening? It's not hard to figure out.

In what will be a SURE RATINGS GRABBER, we'll see the 6 man match of Chuck Palumbo, Billy Gunn, and Albert against Maven, Al Snow, and Rikishi. The Heel team is just pathetic overall, and the Face team is right up there. I really don't care, especially, for the Albert vs. Rikishi feud. Neither man, especially lately, have convinced me that they should be pushed on a Pay Per View level feud.

To "push the Cruiserweight Division", we'll see the tag match of Tajiri/Chavo Guerrero versus Billy Kidman/Hurricane. This COULD be a good tag match, but my money is on that it won't be given much time to develop. But who knows?

Test will take on Faarooq. Could be OK, if they stiff the hell out of each other. Otherwise, it's a Test match against a guy in his 40's.

Last week's Smackdown actually did poor in the ratings, as compared to the week before. Given that this IS the last show before Backlash, the WWF needs to give the fans a reason to buy the show.

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