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The good ol' Wednesday column, which I guess is the most multidimentional column or whatever. Today, I have Ratings Analysis, Shouts, and lots of Daily Apples to feed you. Now how about that?

Now that the Smackdown tapings are over, you can expect some meetings to occur about WCW, and some talent issues to be discussed. The news SHOULD pick up by this week, at least I hope. It seems like a news drought without the troubling WCW backstage providing great news.

I have nothing else to say here, so on to the PDC! Oh yeah, yes I did hear Conan O'Brien say my name on his show. Ha!

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 4.8
Second Hour: 5.3
Composite: 5.05
Composite Last Week: 5.4
Composite 2 Weeks Ago: 5.7
Composite Last Year: 6.7

WWF Weekend Shows

Livewire: 1.1
Superstars: 0.9
Mtv Heat: 1.6

Well, it certainly looks like we are now in a downward spiral, as far as interest in wrestling is concerned. Ever since the big night after Wrestlemania, the WWF has sunk into the status they had with WCW as competition. So the extra viewers they gained from WCW, are now basically gone. I don't exactly have the Quarter hours on me, but I could suggest the opening Vince McMahon interview didn't quite help much to keep long time interest in the show. Vince has overexposed himself on television for the past few weeks, and fans MAY be sick of his long interviews. That's just a theory for this week's show, so it could be wrong. Opinions are opinions.

The thing is that the main event, Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H did draw a strong rating of a 5.8. That's just the only real brightspot in the RAW ratings, with the Smackdown ratings dipping as of late too. The WWF better hope that this new Undertaker/Kane vs. Austin/Triple H feud pans out into something of a ratings thriller, because that's what we'll be seeing for 2 months now.

The ratings drop could be because of no Rock? Many fans do crave him, you know.

As for the weekend shows, just about the average with the early morning shows, and slightly below average for Sunday Night Heat. What?!? You mean to tell me that a Albert hosted show didn't draw stronger ratings? That's absurd! At least that's what the WWF oddly thinks. Albert could wrestle Triple H on Heat, and it would still draw low ratings.


*Odd Note: I've actually become a contributing writer for The Yell, which is where I got the idea for Shouts. It's fun writing satire about your own University. Anyway, on to the Shouts.........

Jim Ross himself said this: "This thing the X-Factor has with the Dudley Boyz ain't over!" Ya damn right it AIN'T OVER!

I heard the WWF is planning to give Saturn a new finisher... the leg drop.

If professional wrestling had such a strong influence over its viewers, there would be a virtual epidemic of people assaulting one another with trashcans.

Well since Winter is over, I guess we won't see Al Snow for 6 months longer.

The WWF bought the WCW brand name. They have to pay extra for most of the wrestlers, but the production problems come for free.

The only thing over about Grandmaster Sexay was his 15 minutes of fame.

Isn't it funny how the Undertakers entrance theme begins with "Dead Man Walking" yet he always makes his way to the ring riding a motorcycle.

It's interesting that the Raw broadcast in England was censored because of violence against women; this is the same country that puts nudie programs on cable.

Billy Gunn's career is falling faster than Paul Heyman's bank account!

How about if WWF does voice overs for Grandmaster Sex-ay so at least we can pretend we know what he's saying.

Mutants Credited for Participation: Stanley Thomas, John Sherley, SPLICER, Fat Tony, Brendan Mahan, Ryan Murphy, Eugene Albernaz, Nightstalker, Triple H's #1 Fan, and Misphit.

Daily Apples

-God, Vince Russo is so damn sick! I've said it all along, but nobody listened. He revealed the father for the Miss Hancock, as it would have been Ric Flair. Fine, but he told the world an even sicker note about the storyline, which shows you how low Vince Russo was going with WCW. Apparently, they would have it revealed that Miss Hancock would be Ric Flair's long lost daughter, which is a very nasty case of incest. That's just God damn sick of Russo. I'm glad he's unemployed for the moment, because no man this sick should ever be allowed to write for any kind of television right now.

-Did the Big Show use racial terms against the team of Kaientai? Some swear he said the word, and I QUOTE "gooks" in reference to TAKA and Funaki, which the confusion came about when Paul Heyman made sure to clear it up as "goofs". I must have been out of it when Big Show said this, for I leave my damn internet on, and everyone loves to message me. So I didn't really catch it, so I couldn't tell you exactly if he said a slur or not. Just keep in mind that Big Show isn't exactly the best talker in the world, so anything could sound weird.

-Some are saying that Jeff Hardy was given the title as a reward for his risks and just to give the fans a sense of unpredictability during the shows. Well, even with that, just enjoy the fact that Jeff Hardy was given the chance and opportunity to step up to the plate. Jeff Hardy still has a lot of work to do, yet, before he's a "full time main eventer", like many want instantly. His mic skills suck, for he sounds like a hick. While he's great on risks, he still misses an handful of spots during the matches. Plus, Jeff Hardy isn't big enough, meaning muscle mass, to go after the big guys up top.

Give Jeff Hardy time, please. I used to be just as impatient about stuff like this, but I've wisened up quite a bit. Hardy is very young, still, and he'll get better and his time will come to take over as one of the top WWF wrestlers. What if you push him to fast? What happens if you instantly make him one of the best wrestlers, and he accomplishes everything fast like you want it? He'll have nothing left to gain out of his wrestling career at a young age. Let Jeff Hardy, and also Matt Hardy grow as wrestlers, and just remember that the WWF's future will be secure with them on top... barring injuries.

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NBC Game: 1.8
UPN Game: 0.7

Sure, both increased, but this is the playoffs, after all. It still probably won't be enough for NBC to keep the XFL going next year, and it's probably questionable for UPN, too.

Nothing else out there.