Welcome back to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. This is #25 in a row. Will I ever take a day off? Anyways, not much to report since I can't say much about the WWF, since it could be something that contradicts those dirty RAW tapings. On to the PDC.


-Torrie Wilson is already gone from WCW. Wow, already? She's in, then she's out. I figured she's stay and do something, maybe be the gorgeous valet for the nWo Wolfpac. Wait, the Wolfpac seems to be going down the tubes, as each of the wrestlers seem to be going their own ways. Anyways, good luck doing whatever Torrie.-Oh here's a funny rumor killer. Many have reported, that since the great Sid is no longer with ECW, that he's rumored to be coming back into WCW. It was said that Nash is very interested in bringing him back to WCW. HA! Sid has just about No Chance In Hell of ever coming back to WCW, just because of how he left WCW the last time with his rather interesting altercation with Arn Anderson. So keep this in mind, Sid is NOT going to WCW.-I had a thought at work today. With some of the WWF stars being released, why doesn't WCW cut some of their stars? They have way too much talent, and about 25% or more are complete jobbers or has beens. Many of the wrestlers in WCW are being misused, so why not cut them if you aren't using them correctly. You want the answer? Because whatever they cut, the WWF will pick up and attempt to make them a star. Many of their wrestlers are just there, so that the WWF won't have them. Of course, they can wait until the person that they cut becomes a star in the WWF, and by the time he's older and the WWF has no need for him, WCW will re-sign him.


-HA! This is rather funny. Apparently, Owen and Jarrett are pissed that they are getting cheers when they are clearly faces. The only bad cheers are for Owen, which are the "nugget" chants. They could possibly want Debra gone as manager of their team. What are they thinking?? Without Debra, their tag team would have never worked! They must be not thinking straight. If they didn't have Debra, Jeff Jarrett would still be searching for a gimmick. Owen would just be a confused heel still. Think!-Alright, it seems funny to me that some wrestlers are in "creative evaluation" with the WWF. What garbage. Wrestlers like the Legion of Doom...oh please. I mean I loved them back in the day, but now they just can't do it anymore. When I saw them fight on Raw a few weeks ago, I was sad to see how horrible they were. Public Enemy...get rid of them while you can. They are terrible now, and once you've seen PE wrestle once nowadays, you've seen enough, plus the fans don't dig them anymore. As for Dr. Death. I used to love him back in the day, but he has no reason to give hard moves on wrestlers. Just about every wrestler that's been in the ring with him have been complaining afterwards. Settle down doc. What about Steve Blackman? He just needs a decent angle, but he's not really needed. I was about to throw up when he had that lame Kendo Stick match with Droz. With the few wrestlers that have been released, and the wrestlers that are under the so called "creative evaluation", the WWF should wake up and realize something. Add those that are under "creative evaluaton" to the released, booted, and gone wrestlers list. Maybe they could free up some spending cash on someone who's contract just so happens to end around July.....

@Well, that's all for today. Come on Monday! Anyways, until next time, just chill..till the next episode.

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