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Behold, the Phat Daily Column is back! Whoooo! You know what's going on today, despite losing half of what I usually did on Tuesdays due to the closing of WCW on Time Warner stations. So now, it's JUST a RAW review, which I watch without flipping.

Thanks to everyone who sent in banners for Heat or RAW banners. Some good banners came my way, with some tough choices to be made. Especially with the "Tito is WAR" banners, for everyone had nearly the same design. Thanks to all who participated!

Well anyway, let's get RAW!

Thanks to Reed Rizzo for the NEW "Tito is WAR" graphic. I'll proudly use this pic for my RAW reviews each week. Great job Reed!

First segment of RAW was a Vince McMahon interview. Damn it, I'm so sick and tired of seeing Vince interviews! ACK!! What's even worse, the Pittsburgh Penguins game was in an intermission, so I had to view the whole thing. Damn it!! Ok, ok, ok... it wasn't so bad, for it wasn't as long as normal Vince interviews, and it sort of had a point to it with Debra slapping Vince. It should fuel stupid internet sites about "HUGE NEWS ON AUSTIN TURNING ON VINCE", or some stupid crap like that. If the WWF wants to REALLY get sick, they could have Austin beat the crap out of his wife. However, Austin has done enough drunk driving on WWF television to not get the distinction of being a wife beater, too.

Oh, by the way, I am very pleased with the Pittsburgh Penguins 3-0 victory over the Washington Capitals, for those of you Capital fans who dogged me for Game 1 of the series.

First match of the night was Edge/Christian vs. the Hollys. Not too bad, with the match probably serving as a way to hype the HUGE and GIGANTIC match of Hardcore Bob Holly against Rhyno at Backlash. I will truly wonder who Edge/Christian will fight at the Pay Per View, as I have a slight feeling it MAY be the Hardy Boyz......

Next match was Justin Credibly Overrated against Buh Buh Ray Dudley, to you know, hype the X-Factor vs. Dudley Boys match at Backlash. Not a bad match, although I wonder how many slaps to the wrist that Paul Heyman will take for mentioning the fact that Dudley and Credible are former ECW stars. Shame on him! Buh Buh gets the win, as he should, with no murderous attack afterward.

Just a quicky here... what the hell was Grandmaster Sex-ay saying backstage?

When will the WWF learn about taking hardcore matches backstage?!?!? Kane vs. Richards lost any heat that it had by leaving the fans. I can't stand this with the WWF. I hate it worse than I hate the stable of X-Factor. Ahem. I guess the point of it was to show that the Undertaker has Kane's back, which we would see later on......

I just love the double submissions that Angle/Regal use, and the same goes with Benoit/Jericho. First match was decent, with Kurt Angle vs. Chris Jericho. They've certainly fought a million matches against each other to know how to put on a match by now. I hope at least. We would later see Benoit defeating William Regal, which was quite speedy. Looks like we're going to have a tag match filled Backlash.

Strange booking of the Test, Raven, and Billy Gunn vs. the Radicalz. It wasn't that bad of a match, minus the crowd's weak response. They did cheer, however, for the big win at the end for Raven, who whipped out the Evenflow DDT out of no where. We'll see where this takes Raven. Maybe Raven vs. Eddie for the Euro title?

Big Show vs. Kaientai was just overbooked crap. I don't need to say anymore. A couple readers said that this would be the perfect time to debut Tajiri, but who knows. I believe the WWF is using the buzzsaw for the "new" WCW. Tajiri vs. Kaz Hayashi would be an incredible match.

Excellent match between Jeff Hardy and Triple H. From Matt Hardy being backstage, I thought he was going to swerve us with a heel turn on his brother! I felt it coming. Oh well. Some would yell about Triple H's clean win over Jeff Hardy, but then you should remember who was World Champ for a good bit of 2000. Just admire and enjoy the first step in the Hardy's future with the WWF, because they are very young right now. Their time will come, one day.

The almost beatdown of Lita at the very end served the purpose of the Kane/Undertaker vs. Triple H/Steve Austin feud. The WWF has 3 shows to hype it up (not 1 like I mistakenly said yesterday), so let's see how it plays out. I wonder how much Austin and Triple H will bump to make the match look good?

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 8
Clean Wins: 4
Screwjobs: 2
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 1

LAST WORD: Eh, a so-so RAW for me. I enjoyed the Main Event, and some other matches. Nothing really sticks out for this night, though, which is why this show gains a plain


for this week's show. This show only hinted of what COULD be on Backlash, which is starting to scare me.


Alright, from tonight, we obviously saw the main event shaping of Austin/Triple H vs. Kane/Undertaker. For the rest, we just saw *hints* of what matches could occur. Let's take a look...

-Raven vs. Eddie Guerrero
-Rhyno vs. Hardcore Holly
-Jericho/Benoit vs. Regal/Angle
-Edge/Christian vs. Hardy Boyz and/or Acolytes
-Dudleys vs. X-Factor
-RTC Battle Royal?
-Kane/Undertaker vs. Austin/Triple H

I took a couple of wild guesses here. Edge/Christian should be finding someone to defend the titles against, or at least I hope. The RTC thing is a possibility, if they keep pushing for the break up. Who knows?

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UPN somewhat likes the 18-34 males their XFL games drew. Whether they'll carry the league, alone, next year by themselves, is unknown.

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