Welcome to another fabulous edition of the Phat Daily Column. Yes, Monday Night is ahead of us, so let the games begin. I'm hoping that last week's numbers told the WWF to WAKE UP and start booking the show to its full potential. If they don't...well, they will have to deal with WCW slowly gaining every week. Well, anyway, on to the PDC.


-Tonight is another wonderful night of RAW....with the McMahons! Lately, we've had an overexposure of the McMahons, which I truly think is hurting the show. Ok, sure, it's fine to have them on, screwing people here and there, but the WHOLE SHOW? Why do they have to hog the spotlight when they have so much talent available to use? RAW has gone from a good wrestling show to a soap opera about the McMahon family. Come on. It will probably continue tonight since we have a good 2 weeks before Backlash. Oh joy!!

-I'm wondering if Tazz will actually show up with the ECW World Title. Ha, him showing up on RAW with the title is the RIGHT WAY, right?(With ECW agreeing to it) Anyway, I don't really see the point of bringing that title on RAW because about 2/3 or so of your audience will have no clue to what that title really means. The only thing it would be good for, again, is to rub it in WCW's face. They should at least have Tazz do a shoot interview on Mike Awesome, thus burying his career from the start. That would be nice.

-I'm sure we'll see more with Chris Jericho and DX fighting, as Jericho is moving SLOWLY into main event status. Of course, if they book him against either X-Pac or Road Dogg in a singles match, this will be the 6235623573435652th time that they've wrestled each other. Hmm. Of course, we can't book Jericho to face Triple H just yet because Triple H will probably be involved in some lame tag match against the Rock, plus after that small argument about Jericho from Triple H, I don't think they are ready to fight just yet. In time, but for now, not just yet.

-We'll probably see more of Eddie Guerrero and Chyna who will probably be feuding more with Rikishi, a possible match up made between the APA and the former Prison Guards(Bull and Bossman), and the usual on RAW. I just hope that it doesn't drag like last week's, because it almost put me to sleep on how boring it got at times. WWF better make sure they remain on top with a blockbuster show to keep the competition down.


-Hey, Terry Funk is your NEW Hardcore Champ. Congrats to him, as he's still one of the best workers(as in busts their ass every match) in the business. Now, he'll have to defend that title, and I hope that it's NOT against the NO RATINGS DRAW Brian Knobbs. I just hope that Funk doesn't take anymore rough beatings. Of course, his mind is already scrambled, so what else does he have to lose?

-Wow, Mike Awesome was allowed to wrestle! Holy cow! He defeated Bam Bam, and got screwed by Kevin Nash in his match with Scott Steiner. That's good stuff, as they aren't letting Awesome lose fairly afterall. Of course, WCW will get their money's worth for all of the money they paid to get Awesome in the first place.

-Wow! Chris Candido is the new Cruiserweight champ!!! That's great, considering that many said that he was OUT of WCW already. Candido can now say "how about them apples" to anyone who reported it. I'm happy for Candido, because it's about time that he gets his wrestling career in focus. All of these problems in the past few years did nothing but hurt the potential of this man. But now, Candido has his head screwed on right, and now he's a champ! Also, Tammy wammy(referring to what Rick Rude called her back in the day), I mean Lynn Sytch, showed up during this match too!

-Buff Bagwell and Shane Douglas? World Tag Team Champions? Wow, that's the most unlikely duo I've ever seen win the tag titles! Buff and Shane must be VERY happy though. They both just signed contract extensions last week, they both finally got rid of the "good old boys" that held their careers down, and now they are tag champs! Let's just hope that neither wrestler gets hurt, because both guys, unfortunately, are very injury prone.

-Speaking of injury prone, Scott Steiner became the US Champ once again. I figured he would DQ himself out of this tourney, but I was wrong. I wouldn't keep this title on his waste for long, however, because he could do so much as a main eventer. Yeah, sure, I do bash his attitude and how he gets on his rages, but I won't deny that he's one of the best heels in the sport. Push him to the top, and the main event scene will become MUCH better.

-Hey, Jeff Jarrett is your NEW World Champ. This comes after months of hardwork at WCW, and months of still acting like his old WWF gimmick: the pissed off redneck. Oh yeah, as for the ending...Kimberly turned on DDP. Yeah, have a valet turn on her wrestler...that's soo Innovative. I thought Russo had original booking ideas? Well, now DDP and Kimberly are on different sides, and things could get worse for them personally. I'm not a big fan of having actual couples against each other, as it even causes strains on their personal life. Many bookers want them to stay away from each other when making personal appearances to "get the situation over". Oh well.

Oh joy, WCW.com's Nitro Preview is up!!!

-As for Nitro tonight, expect more from the Young Blood and Millionaires' Club. It says that the Bischoff/Russo era left the Millionaires' Club bankrupt about the titles. Probably see lots of interference from both ends and lots of run-ins. Yay.

-Uh oh, poor Terry Funk gets to fight the Wall tonight. Funk will probably be force to get a chokeslam through a table, which has never been done by the Wall, right? Please. Yeah, I understand that WCW needs a dominant young heel, but the Wall? Yeah, whatever. He has NO CHARISMA WHATSOEVER, and he isn't that good of a wrestler. But hey, I don't book, so I guess I should just keep my mouth shut.

-Oh joy! Kimberly will get on the mic and talk crap about her husband!! Anybody else notice how bad she is on the mic? I remember the night when DDP returned to hype "Ready to Rumble". She got on the mic, and she was barely understandable. Gee, this feud with her husband will really get over.

-They say Tank is back, and it would be another thrill to see a shill like Mark Madden getting squashed. I'd most certainly love to see it again! Whip out those rolls!

-Stasiak and Curt Hennig will fight over the right to be "Mr. Perfect". Ok, I'm kidding on the name part, but they are wrestling. If it's like what Stasiak did on Monday, damn it will be a sloppy match. What the hell kind of move was he trying to pull off on Nitro?

@That's all for this wonderful edition of the Phat Daily Column. I'll be back tomorrow with the dreaded Monday Night Impressions, as I wonder if WCW could live up to last week's special A+. We'll find out, and I hope RAW steps it up too tonight. See you tomorrow!

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