Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. I want to thank all of those who commented on my very own Possible WWF Angles segment. I'll try to give updates on those in the future for everyone to read. Well, I decided that I would jump the gun on Mr. Tito's Questions and Answers 2, just because I have a few things to work on this week, plus my mind is fresh. With that being said, on to the PDC.

Oh No!!!! Yesterday I forgot the one and only Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels. Many of you great readers caught that, and I'm very sorry that I didn't include him. So here you go, Shawn Michaels Possible Angle:

Shawn Michaels I look for HBK to keep having his on and off role with the WWF as comissioner. He'll come in to make the big decisions like he's been doing ever since he had his surgery. Many say that he'll head up DX, but I don't think he will. That's just my opinion, and I don't think he would fit in with all of the stuff that happened when he was corporate. I think he'll spend most of his time with his new wife, who was Whisper. I doubt that she will play a television role, but you never know.


-Uh oh, looks like many of the wrestlers in WCW want a title reign, and badly. Now I like it when they show it on camera, but I hear it's getting nasty backstage. Everyone wants to be champ, and I'm sure that Bischoff is getting ready to pull his hair out now. Gray hair that is. As for the World title, look for Nash to win it at Slamboree, and he will probably keep it for a while, to try to satisfy the time he "dropped the ball" by losing to Hogan when he first won the world title from Goldberg. Nash having the title just doesn't sit well with many of the wrestlers, since he is the head booker. They might as well have a new champ every Nitro to satisfy everyone's needs.-Oh no, there was a surprise drug test at the Thunder tapings, and take a guess who didn't show up. Hmm...let me think, who would obviously flunk it because of his looks and heavily changed attitude. Oh yeah, it was Scott Steiner. He skipped it because he says he has a bum knee. HA. Someone fed him some information. I remember that he said that he was all natural on the ESPN special, and I had to laugh at that. Get off the roids man!-Well, there's some controversy with DDP on his heel/face status. He has said that he doesn't care that fans boo him, but yet he has been whining about Bischoff possibly turning him a full blown heel. Why should it matter DDP? When you came out after you won the world title, I heard more boos than cheers for you, so become a heel! You would do much better cheating again. Do it!


-Holy smokes, Stone Cold was hit by a car. Luckily he's ok, and he'll look very good on Raw...just because it's taped! I was amazed on how quickly this story shot around the net. As soon as WWF.com made it official, every page and their mother had the story. That would really suck for the WWF if Stone Cold was injured badly from a car. Having the taped shows are a savior for the WWF, as he is really getting a good week to recover from this car hit. -Wow, WWF.com has the total truth on the Spring Cleaning situation. Let's see, Golga, Blue Meanie, and Duane Gill has been released by the WWF. The rest of the wrestlers, and I have no idea why, are being kept by the WWF. I just want to know why the WWF is keeping losers like Pierre and Fatu. They both suck so hard that they blow. I could see the WWF keeping the rest of the wrestlers, lord knows they need jobbers, but those two need to go. Fatu needs to make a difference and get released from the WWF. Pierre has some wrestling skill, but I haven't seen him on TV for so long. Also, what will happen to the lightweight title. Maybe they could put life into it finally.-Well, I'm fried on WWF news. From making the Possible WWF Angles yesterday, I can't think of anything, for the moment on the WWF. Plus, I read the Monday Night Raw Tapings reports, and I don't want to ruin anyone's fun by stating any news that comes from the tapings.

Mr. Tito's Questions and Answers 2

Alright, as requested, the Mr. Tito's Q & A is back! I would have kept this one back for another time, especially since I did the Possible WWF Angles yesterday. Anyways, if you didn't catch the first Q & A, all this segment is about is frequent questions sent in to me everyday, that I see repeating too much. Enjoy.

How long does it take for you to produce a Phat Daily Column a day? Well, I usually take around 30-60 minutes a day, depending on what mood I'm in. Sometimes, like reports like this, take much longer to make.

Hey Mr. Tito, I keep seeing other reporters copying and pasting your column word for word, and they aren't even crediting you at all? Well, I get this a lot. In fact too much. My most recent one is some kid named something like Massid Acid, as that piece of trash takes my column word for word and calls it a different name. That's a joke. It shows that he obviously lacks originality, and he can't think for himself just like whoever else does the same as he does. What will I do about it? Well, maybe you could help me out. If you see someone copying and pasting my column, or even someone else's posts, harass that person. Let him know how it is, call him every name in the book, and even question the reporter's manhood. It's alright to use someone's work and credit the source, but taking something word for word and claiming someone's hard work as your own shows is just plain pathetic.

I e-mailed you, and I got absolutely no reply from you, are you being a prick by not answering me? No. My e-mail account still can't send mail, as I still can't figure out how to send mail on it. I haven't really tried to fix it yet, but I'll get right on it soon. I have used a separate e-mail account to reply to some of the mail, but that gets rough to do after a while

Why won't you post for my site? Are you being some kind of snob by refusing to work for my page? No. As many of you might know, I'm a very busy man. I work TWO jobs, go to college FULL TIME. I only have an hour to just make the PDC, so posting for just two sites, LoP/WE and Top-rope are enough for the moment. Plus, I have decided that I only have one column per day, and by having that everywhere would make the PDC become watered down since you can see it everywhere.

Who do you think are the best internet reporters on the net? Alright, I'll exclude the paid reporters on this one. I see about 5 reporters that I think are the greatest on the net. I would say that Marc Middleton, Curt Creighton, Joe De Leon, Kirk Huffman, and Wrestling Historian. There are many very good reporters out there, but I'd take up a lot of space mentioning them. I will also say, that Calvin Martin and Ryan Brander are great reporters also, as they are Webmasters also, and that is good when webmasters are taking charge. Good job fellas

Why don't you report ECW news? I made a report about this, but I'll mention it again, just for fun! I made the decision, since I can't see ECW on television, that I've become less and less of an ECW fan. I can't keep up with the federation now that I can't see it. Sorry. Besides, LoP has the best ECW reporters around, and I can't compete with them.

Do you ever take a day off from making the PDC? Occasionally I do. I usually take something like a Saturday, Sunday, or a Monday off. I haven't taken a day off for a while though. You are reading the 24th Phat Daily Column in a row. Maybe I'll go for a month without a day off. Something to shoot for. : )

Will you put a link to my page on your column? Sorry, I can't do that. If I help one site out, many webmasters will beg for me to link their sites on my columns. For now, I am just linking the 2 pages that work for

@I hope you have enjoyed yet another edition of Mr. Tito's Questions and Answers. Thanks for reading the PDC. I enjoy writing it everday for everyone to read. This is Mr. Tito, King of Phat, signing off.

Lords of Pain/Wrestling Empire

Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.

Mr. Tito 1999