Welcome to the Monday edition of the Phat Daily Column. On today's column, you will get some RAW hype and a wonderful Heat review. Oh joy, the lack of material has forced me to watch Heat on a regular basis now. Darn. I'll have some Daily Apples too.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday weekend, or at least the weekend off. I thought about rigging an image of the Easter bunny taking a wrestling move, but that would have taken quite a bit of time and it would be rather tasteless. Ok, it was the time factor, cause I'm a rather sick individual.

The WWF will be discussing a lot of WCW material this week, so it should be a good news week to look foward too. Let's hope at least so that the snail like announcements of news can finally end.

On to the PDC.


I wouldn't mind a banner for this, if anyone is skilled enough to make a replica banner for this. Make it say "Mr. Tito's Heat" or something funny of that nature. JPG format only! Also, go for a "TITO is WAR" banner too. You'll be properly credited.

Albert wasn't that bad of a host, as his fascination with the Dudley Boys was driving him nuts. For some reason, everyone wore the Dudley taped glasses, and Albert made sure to either confront them or attack them. It showed a better side to Albert, but it won't really lead to the fans really wanting to see him any more than they already are FORCED to. Nuff said.

First match of the night sort of shocked me. Not that it was any good, but for the wrestlers in the match. Perry "Hulkamaniac" Saturn fougth Billy "the One" Gunn in a painful match to watch. Saturn is just to plain of a wrestler to watch anymore, and Gunn is so sloppy. I figured Gunn was going to get the win in this match, but I was wrong... Saturn got the win after some cheap interference. However, Gunn fought off Saturn and Malenko at the end of the match, which means they may wrassle again. Maybe they could feud in the "new" WCW? Ha!

Next match was D'Von Dudley vs. X-Pac. No, that wasn't boos X-Pac received for his entrance, it's called NEGATIVE HEAT. Fans simply don't want to watch him. A surprise occurred, in that X-Pac laid down for D'Von at the end. Wow. Looks like X-Pac will now be due for a singles push after that one. Probably another feud with Jericho. Anyway, I still find it rather sad and SICK that the WWF uses the Dudleys to make their NEGATIVE heat giving stables look good. The WWF should be lucky to have such good performers, like the Dudley Boys.

Why doesn't the WWF just name "Sunday Night Heat" as the Show that Crash works on? I swear, this is HIS show! He fought Grandmaster Sex-Ay to a decent match, although Sex-ay hasn't been a decent wrestler in quite some time. This was the main event by the way.

Final segment was an interview with Triple H, because the WWF needs all the airtime they need to put over Austin as a heel. Man, they are really working at it.

LAST WORD: This show was a "coaster" show since it's a holiday, so I guess it's understandable to have some bad wrestlers or matches on this show. I've seen worse. We'll go C for this show.

RAW is WAR Hype!

On RAW, we'll see the REMATCH between Triple H and Jeff Hardy for the IC Title. This should draw more ratings, since you know, the fans can't find out the results by going to WWF.com. I guess the WWF hasn't grasped the idea of "why watch the show when you know the results". I'm sure a few smarts out there are putting their money on Triple H to win this match, but we'll see. I'm thinking a possible win by Jeff Hardy to possibly set up the Hardy Boyz vs. Austin/Triple H at Backlash.

Speaking of Backlash, there are NO official matches booked yet!!!!!!!!! It's a week before the show, and the WWF hasn't even booked a single match, nor have they given any definite hint to what matches will be featured. That's totally insane for a Pay Per View. How can you get this lazy after one of your BIGGEST Wrestlemanias ever? Come on! I think the WWF believes that the fans have a very short attention span to announce matches early, thus we delay any annoucements. That's rather insulting of the WWF.

Trish Stratus will be at WWF NY for this show. Well, her little heel turn on Vince at Wrestlemania has really made a big difference on her career. Hey, at least it will draw a big crowd at WWF NY, full of horny teenagers. I guess Trish isn't feuding or involved with McMahon right now because he must keep all of his attention on getting Austin over as a heel.

Look for the Backlash card to shape up, or at least let us hope so.

Daily Apples

-At the time I write this, the Road Dogg auction, which will end later today, is up to $5,100.00. That's not a bad sum for a wrestler completely out of the spotlight now, and also for the fact that his starpower was dying on the way out of the WWF anyway. I'm curious to see what someone would do with Road Dogg after they bought him though. Bill Edgar, co-host of the Wrestlepalooza Audio Show, put it best though about this situation: "I wonder if I could get Road Dogg to clean my bathroom"

-Several reports have said that Billy Kidman has yet to be signed by the WWF, for he hasn't accepted the buyout offer from Time Warner yet. If you'll recall, WCW resigned Kidman to a very lucrative deal after one of the times he about left WCW for being "unhappy". So to keep him from crying about how he wasn't getting a push, despite not working hard in the gym, WCW gave him a big pacifier of a big paycheck each week. I'm sure Kidman can just live off that for a while, but I believe it's time for Billy to prove how good he truly thinks he is. He has always claimed that a good creative team would push him the right way. Well, the WWF owned WCW will give out opportunities, so why not step up to the plate, Mr. Kidman?

-Tony Shiavone is hosting Braves radio now? HAHAHAHA! Let's hope it becomes his full time job, which would open the door for someone new to step in, or for Scott Hudson to take the ball and run with it. I'd suggest Joey Styles to fill the role, but that's me talking as a fan, and not a realist. On my own behalf, I've always liked Joey Styles, and I'm sure there are plenty who don't. The WWF has Coachman or Kelly to possibly put in WCW, but who knows?

-Jim Ross looked like quite the fool in his latest Ross Report about the Smackdown ratings. If you didn't hear, this past Thursday's Smackdown drew a 3.7, which is one of the WWF's all time lows on UPN. Ross blames it on just lower viewership overall, since Survivor and Friends were slightly down too. Yeah, I'll agree that viewership should be down during the springtime, but as low as a 3.7? Come on.... There just seems to be an excuse for everything these days, in the WWF, is something appears low.

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Los Angeles Xtreme beat Nick Ponton's Chicago Enforcers, 33-16. It will now be the battle for California with Los Angeles vs. San Francisco for the "1 Million Dollar Game" next Saturday, or whenever it is.