Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column, Sunday edition that is. I almost took this wonderful day off, but I thought that I just couldn't miss out on ripping on evaluating Spring Stampede and making predictions as well! Plus, I'm wide awake this morning, so why not do another PDC? On to it.


-I don't know if you've seen it or not, but the Rock is on the recent edition of the National Enquirer(upper right corner), and it has something like "wrestling's secrets revealed", or some garbage like that! Although I could care less for filth tabloid papers, it is sort of interesting to see them there. Most of those trashy papers mainly focus on mainstream stars, so by doing something on wrestling, they recognize how big it truly is getting. Of course, they will try to expose everything possible to bring it down from being big.

-I've seen reports here and there claiming that the WWF has gone stale. Now I do agree with this notion, as ever since the first few weeks before Wrestlemania, it just seems that the WWF just isn't putting that much effort into their shows. Of course, could you blame them? The WWF plays it safe by using what works, and when they need to spike the ratings, they pull the rabbit out of the hat. I'm thinking we'll see that really soon with the WWF since WCW is stepping up for their final run at the top. For those of you wondering who the "rabbit" that the WWF will use to spike the ratings....look no further than Stone Cold Steve Austin. His return will be like no other.

My real question will be "what will the WWF be like with Stone Cold now?" Things have changed greatly in the WWF since Stone Cold left the WWF to get surgery. There are new superstars in the WWF, and the person who he REFUSED to job to at Summerslam, Triple H, is the main guy and leader of the locker room now. Plus, he steps into a WWF where new faces have emerged, besides the Rock, like Chris Jericho who is so over with the fans anymore. Just when Stone Cold returns, I hope everyone can get along. I guess we'll see in June!

-Speaking of returns, Undertaker is about due for his return in about 2 months from his torn pectorial muscle injury. He's another one who I'm trying to understand how the WWF will use him when he returns. Lots of things have changed since the man from the darkside decided to finally take some time off to heal injuries. The proposed restart of his program with Big Show can be ignore now with Big Show's new gimmick taking shape, plus the McMahon's have completely changed since he's been gone(mainly Stephanie). It shall be interesting.


-Good ol' Vince Russo is thinking about reshaping WCW Saturday Night completely. For some reason, he wants it to be a morning show, one hour only, with just recaps of other shows. Ouch. If that were done, however, they would be leaving a very loyal audience in the dust. I know lots of people who could care less about Nitro and Thunder just to watch WCW SN because of the younger wrestlers and the feel of what WCW SN used to be. WCW SN now has lots of younger talent, and by Russo making it a recap show, he will take a lot of opportunities for the future away. That's a major flaw if he does it, and it could burn him down the road when he wonders why the WCW farm system is weaker.

Spring Stampede Predictions

This pay per view will probably be as chaotic as Halloween Havoc was. Lots of matches, which in Russo's booking, means matches that last 2 minutes. Hey, at least you are GUARANTEED new champions tonight, right?

I do, however, have to give props to WCW.com. Although I am NOT a big fan of the site, for the fact of lack of updates, I like their Pay Per View sections. They are so nice and easy to use, and they don't have that damn Shockwave like WWF PPV sites do. Why WWF does that is beyond me, as it's ridiculous to use when you need a quick line up of a PPV card. You see, I go for what's useful, and not what's well designed. Here are the wonderful predictions,and remember, I'm not no Nostradamus, so these are just a regular person, like myself, predicting these matches.

Hardcore Title Match: Screamin' Norman Smiley vs. Terry Funk
Will the Funker pass the hardcore torch to Norman Smiley? Well, no actually, because Funk passed that to Mick Foley years ago. But at any rate, this match should be funny as hell to watch. Could be the most entertaining match to watch? You never know. This one, however is hard to call, but since Russo did a great job with Norman as Hardcore champ, I bet he'll try to repeat history.
Tito's Pick: Norman Smiley

Tag Team Tournament
I'm not too sure of the pairings for this one, but I'm calling Team Package right now! I'm thinking that Russo wants to develop the talented Mamalukes more, I think that Douglas and Buff, who just resigned new deals with WCW, will focus on singles more, and Harlem Heat shouldn't even be in this match due to their lack of skill. Flair and Package seems reasonable because they are part of the "Millionaires' Club", plus it would give titles to Flair and Package who think they are overdue for gold. Whatever works. I just hope Harlem Heat doesn't get the titles, because they just can't draw any ratings if they tried.
Tito's Pick: Team Package to win it all!

Six Way match for Cruiserweight title: Chris Candido vs. the Artist vs. Shannon Moore vs. Lash LeRoux vs. Juvy vs. Crowbar
Damn it, where is Mike Modest for this match? That's one thing that I wanted to stay from the Sullivan era. Anyway, this match should be one to watch though. Everyone here can put on a show, even though some of their gimmicks are weak(ex. the Artist). I think Russo knows that the Artist was a bad champ, so count him out. Candido needs built up more, Shannon Moore is a tag wrestler, Juvy sounds logical but I think a new personality would be better fitting for him to win the title, LaRoux is lame...so that leaves Crowbar! He's the man!!! I hope he creates a Crimson Mess on his opponents, and keeps his head screwed on to win the match. Plus, this man has taken everything that Wall gave him, so paybacks would be nice.
Tito's Pick: Crowbar

United States Title Tournament
What the hell is Sting doing in this tournament? Come on!!! He will probably put over Vampiro in some shape or form, as I'm going with Vampiro for this tourney. Scott Steiner, although I'm not much for his temper, should be pushed to the top and not stuck in US title land. The Cat needs to get into better angles before becoming a champ, the Wall needs more development, I'm not sure about Kidman, and Booker T needs to build up what was broken down by past bookers.
Tito's Pick: Vampiro

World Title Match: Diamond Dallas Page vs. Jeff Jarrett
This should be an intense match, just as long as Russo and Bischoff give these guys time to wrestle. You gotta give props to DDP though. He came back from his injury early, and he's looked pretty good in the ring so far. It's no wonder that he's getting the early shot, because this guy busts his ass. I'll be cheering for him in this one, but this one is slightly obvious. Jeff Jarrett, along with Sid, has carried what was left of the company on his shoulders. Jarrett worked hurt a lot of the times, as he suffered from post concussion syndrome for a while, but still wrestled. Although I've never been a fan of his, with the stupid Double J gimmicks still bothering me, I gotta give the man lots of credit for being there everynight. I'm wishing for a 3 time! 3 time! 3 time world heavyweight champion of the world, but giving the title to somebody who has busted his ass for the company for the past few months will work.
Tito's Pick: Jeff Jarrett

-As for WCW overall. I've read LOTS of e-mails lately on the subject, and I get a mixed bag of opinions. A lot of people are predicting, already, that WCW will get burnt out once again, and this ratings spike will end soon. Others have new found confidence in WCW, which is good for WCW because they could use that right now as one of the few Time Warner companies that actually lost money this year. I personally don't know what to think. I thought Nitro delivered bigtime, while Thunder was just there. I guess I'll actually be a patient Tito this time around, and wait and see if the new duo of Bischoff and Russo can at least make the company profitable once again.

@That's all for today's column. I'll be back tomorrow with some possible Monday Night predictions, and then some. So until then, just chill....oh wait, how about this? Why not go to the Phat Farm and read Al Birdy's Wrestling newscast for a great and entertaining column!

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