Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column(Possible WWF Angles)
Mr. Tito (April 16, 1999)
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Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Well, it's here, the moment you've waited for. Possible WWF Angles is here and it's ready! Check that out, as well as other stuff in today's PDC. Oh yeah, I'll dedicate this PDC to the Great One, Wayne Gretzky.


-Well, Konnan continues to rent out a room in WCW's doghouse. He really welcomed his stay by skipping out on the Saturday Night television tapings. Well his getting in the doghouse happened when he was mad at Nash for not including him in the new Wolfpac. Ever since then, and since Kevin Nash is the top dog around WCW management, Konnan has been mistreated by WCW. He felt that by skipping out on those lousy Saturday Night tapings, that he would be making a point for WCW to quit treating him like trash. Imagine what Konnan could do in WWF...hmmm...

-Hogan, having knee surgery coming up?? I thought that was a work. That's odd. He's either just having everyone think that his knee is messed up, or it's actually serious. I just have a feeling it's a work, I just know it. Reports are that Hogan is taking time off and he'll come back when the WCW Nitro ratings get better. That's nice Hogan, go in and milk the good ratings that WCW wrestlers are trying to get.

-Don't believe that just because Jericho's site is going down, that he's going to jump ship to the WWF. So his site is closing, so what? That doesn't mean that Jericho is jumping to the WWF already. It could mean that he doesn't want a site anymore, or maybe he hasn't made payments on the domain name. It's no big deal! Until his contract comes up, and if it's made official somehow by the WWF, don't believe anything just yet.

Possible WWF Angles

Alright, it's finally here! After a few weeks of preparation, I finally have it finished. So enjoy, and if you do use this segment on your webpage, please credit me for this. That's all I ask.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Well, he'll finish off the rock and then he'll most likely feud with the Undertaker, AGAIN! Taker could take his belt away, but if that happens, Stone Cold will come back and beat him for it. Triple H will be his new feud of 99, which will heat up at the end of summer. Stone Cold, if not champ, will always be in the title hunt in 99.

The Rock I predict that the Rock will eventually be out of the Corporation. Would I think will happen is that Triple H will become the leader of the Corporation, and of course the Rock will get jealous, and he won't put up with Triple H. The Rock will probably fight Triple H for the right to lead the corporation. This will lead to the Rock getting kicked out of the Corporation, and everyone's dream could come true, and that is he'll turn face. I don't see any World Titles in his future, or at least this year. If he does become champ, it would most likely be at the end of this year, where he'll be ready after being built up as a face.

Mankind I think you won't be seeing as much of Mankind for the rest of this year. I think he'll be taking it easier for the rest of the year. He could form a unity with Paul Wight, which might result from Backlash, but I don't know.

Paul Wight Well, the WWF definately needs to get him over better, and look for the WWF to make many attitude changes of Paul Wight. He could side with Mankind, or he could do what he did in WCW. That is go from being in the nWo, getting kicked out of the nWo, and re-join the nWo. He could re-join the Corporation, but I'm not sure how he'd be used if he re-joined. I see him somehow feuding with the Undertaker. It's just a feeling. It's been everyone's dream for those two to somehow lock up. Wight could fight Kane too. We'll see what happens with this big show.

Triple H This man is in for the push of his life, it appears. The World title is most likely within his reach this year, and he'll most likely defeat Stone Cold for it. He'll probably feud with the Rock for power in the Coporation. I think the Xpac match will be his final workout with DX, as DX will most likely move on to other interests...

Degeneration X They will go on to other projects like adding new members. I hope they will add Kane, and I hope they don't add the Hardy Boys. Maybe they could later, but the Hardy Boys are just Shotgun performers. They need to get microphone skills or better attitudes before they join DX. As for DX individually...

X-Pac X-Pac will remain tag champs until probably the New Age Outlaws come around and defeat them, causing their great duo to finish. That's a shame. After that, I think he'll chase after Intercontinental Gold.

Bad Ass Billy Gunn I think after winning the tag belts again with the Road Dogg, and then losing them, I think he'll go after the Intercontinental Belt, to make up for what he should have done at Wrestlemania.

Road Dogg Jesse James He'll go on with Bad Ass and win the tag titles, and I think he could either go after the IC title also, or go back to the Hardcore division. He did a good job as Hardcore champ.

Kane After he loses the tag straps with X-Pac, I look for him to do a few things. He will go after either the Ministry, or he'll fight Paul Wight. He'll lose to Paul Wight, but he'll help give the Big Show some contender status. Poor Kane is nothing but an unstoppable jobber. Anyways, I think Kane could chase after the Ministry, or maybe join it?

Corporation I think you could see a few things happen with this group. One is that you will see two Corporations, one headed by Shane, and the other headed by Vince. OR you could just see the same Corporation, which is where my money is, that will be led by Triple H.

Val Venis More IC gold could be heading his way, but I see the angle, which started incidentally last Monday, with Debra become big. Val Venis will continue to go wherever the women are in the WWF.

The Ministry Look for something like the Tag Titles to be in the Ministry to help give some credit to them. The Acolytes should be recieving the tag titles, and I see a few members, like Mideon and Vicera being cut not only by the Ministry, but by the WWF as well. They will most likely stay, but I hope they get kicked out.

The Undertaker Look for the Undertaker to get the World Title, and most likely off of Stone Cold to help give him some credit to his Ministry. He'll keep sacraficing wrestlers like he always does.

The Godfather Good thing I didn't do the Angles last week, as I would have said all the Godfather will do is keep offering the hoes to wrestlers, and occasionally get jumped in the back like he always does. BUT, he won that IC title, and he probably won't keep it for very long. So he'll continue to offer the hoes to wrestlers. Pimpin ain't easy.

PMS, Pretty Mean Sisters Jackylin will probably keep wrestling in singles, with Terri by her side, until, like reported everywhere, Sean Stasiak(sp?) or whatever that newcomer's name is, will come in, as reported, as their love slave. That shall be a raunchy angle.

Sable A few things could happen here. I'm convinced, now, that Sable will hold the Women's title for a while. I think she'll keep Nicole Bass on her side, until Bass turns on her, maybe making her a face again? Or it could happen the other way making Bass the face. Marc Mero returning could affect Sable in some way, but he could completely stay away from her in the storylines.

Jeff Jarrett After not being able to get into the Tag Title contention, I think the WWF will try to get Jarrett, with Debra on his side, to get Jeff Jarrett over as a singles competitor. If this fails, Debra could turn on him, or he could go back to tag team competition. I see a feud with Val Venis over Debra, which could help establish Jarrett, finally, as a singles wrestler.

Owen Hart Owen Hart could be up for a possible World Title push, and if that happens he will be pushed to be one of the top heels in the WWF. We'll see with Owen, because he could just stay as a tag partner with Jarrett. He could fit perfectly as a World title contender, because of all of the heat he gets from the fans.

Ken Shamrock This recent feud with the Undertaker is setting up great things to come for Shamrock. It seems that he can be a top face again, and he could be used to put top heels, just like Kane does.

Hardcore Holly He will keep in the running for the Hardcore title. Other than that, there's nothing for the hardcore one.

Al Snow He will probably get the Hardcore title at Backlash, and he'll probably keep that title for a while. This will probably be his highest achievement this year, as he is still isn't on good terms with WWF managment for not selling chair shots a while back.

The Brood The Brood will see some gold coming up. Edge will most likely go on his own somehow, and probably get the IC title sometime. Christian will probably get involved with the re-surged Lightweight division, and I'm not too sure what Gangrel will be doing, maybe feuding with Edge if he gets the IC title?

D'Lo Brown D'Lo will continue his esculating feud with PMS, and he'll probably feud with their new love slave. He'll probably be tagging or being involved with Sexual Chocolate when he comes back.

Goldust After losing the IC title, he could fight on how he lost it because he was supposed to fight Bossman, instead, Bossman took the hoes, and Godfather wrestled him instead. If he wins the title back, it would be short lived. If he doesn't get another shake at the title, then he'll keep fighting wrestlers, and keep giving them Shattered Dreams like he used to.

Test Is Test out of the Corporation? Either way, I see him getting some kind of push to make him more over as a wrestler. He could be feuding X-Pac sometime also.

@Phew! That was fun to type. I hope you have enjoyed my Possible WWF Angles segment today. I'll probably be back tomorrow with more of the Phat Daily Column.

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Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.

Mr. Tito 1999

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