Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column, which just so happens to keep going on Saturdays. You know what's coming in this Saturday edition, and that's the evil ECW on TNN impressions. Those impressions are considered a pain for hardcore ECW fans just because I am not a hardcore fan cricizing them. Hey, I rip the big 2 all the time, so what says that I can't rip ECW too? So with all of that being said, on to another edition of the Phat Daily Column.


-Smackdown, which had an overnight rating of 6.1, had a final rating of 4.7, which isn't bad for what I call an OK show. Like I did with Thunder, I completely forgot to mention somethings. For one, I got on Russo for his John Denver comments, so I'll get on the Rock for saying he'll dig up George Washington in his interview. Shame on you Rock for that one, as you ripped one of the founding fathers to which helped build the country you enjoy wrestling in. I also thought that Big Show was funny as hell as Fat Bastard, but I don't really see this current gimmick making him a championship contender ever again. Also, the match with Mae Young/Kat vs. Terri/Moolah was by far, one of the most f*cked up matches I've ever seen!

-Looks like Tazz will be on RAW with the ECW World Title just to mock Mike Awesome. I've thought about my wonderful comments yesterday, and with lots of e-mails giving theories as well, and I've come to a few conclusions. What I meant yesterday is that for Tazz to find himself in the WWF, he must try to NOT to be an ECW in the WWF. I would much rather have him have WWF history than to keep looking back on his past career. However, by winning the World Title, and having it on RAW the right way, he not only puts over ECW, but the WWF as well if WCW decides to make a monster out of Mike Awesome. Either way, Mike Awesome took a good shaft after a rude career decision.


-One thing that WCW now does with Bischoff that they didn't do then is the fact that they are much more organized in their bookings. Russo likes to long term plan, and he doesn't believe in the booking on the fly methods that Bischoff used back in the day. This will be much better for Bischoff, as some of his booked shows on the day of the broadcasts were a joke. The new duo has been said to have long term storylines for the next few months, and from Micheals's post, the next few weeks of Nitro as well.

-Oh baby, nothing like some good old NBA basketball to ruin WCW programming! That's right, as we are jumping into the playoffs, WCW is getting the shaft, and hard. It has been said that the upcoming Thunder has been cancelled, which hurts after a blockbuster 3.1 rating, and who knows, maybe a few Nitros could get nailed too. What would really crack me up though is if the Dog Show got higher ratings than the NBA playoffs. Now that would be a classic!


Our first match of the night comes directly after the BREAKING NEWS OF TAZZ IN ECW, which was Kid Kash getting destroyed by Rhino. Gee, we got to see a lot of that one.

Oh my, once again we are treated to another Jimmy and Mikey segment. Jazz yells at them for a while, and after she leaves, Jimmy jokes, and they both laugh once again! Those two are really messed up and I'm always wondering where these segments are leading to.

ECW kept hyping BREAKING NEWS ABOUT TAZZ throughout the beginning of the show, as they used his new name Tazz. They showed the wonderful match between Mike Awesome and Tazz, where Tazz came down and defeated Awesome for the ECW world title. Although the crowd was very small, they were going crazy when Tazz arrived. Tommy Dreamer nailed Awesome with a DDT in the match, which I hope meant that Dreamer will be the one to defeat Tazz for the title. He deserves the World Title more than ANYBODY in ECW right now...........besides RVD.

Chris Chetti/Super Nova vs. the Impact Players was an OK match, with some good spots here an there. Super Nova, however, is the must under-used wrestling in ECW. That man is so talented, it's ridiculous! Push him! Push him to the moon.....or at least for a television title match instead of repeats like....

Little Guido, Tajiri, and Super Crazy, ONCE AGAIN, had another match to determine who could win the 6736355848th match against each other. Now don't get me wrong. They always put on a GREAT MATCH, but save it for a special occasion instead of every week. Come on. Can't these guys book something else? However, I am proud that Tajiri is the new television champ. That man is one of the toughest wrestlers in the world right now, and I'm glad to see him get some gold. Damn, Rhino gave Crazy a nasty pile driver through the table. OUCH!! After the match, Sandman tries to go after Rhino, but the Sandman, not noticing he's outnumbered like it is everyweek, gets destroyed. Then, on top of Scotty Riggs or whatever he calls himself now's shoulders, comes Rob Van Dam. After RVD cleared the ring, I thought for sure Riggs would turn on RVD to side with Rhino. It didn't happen, and that's the cliffhanger of the show which is soooo tempting to make you watch next week's show.

ECW on TNN Phat Stats

Matches: 4
Clean Wins: 1
Screwjobs: 3(Yes, I know there is no DQ in ECW, but there were lots of interference and run-ins which resulted for one wrestler to win the match)
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 0

Last Word: Decent show, but they could have developed the Tazz and Awesome situation better though. I'm begging for ECW to kill some repetition on their shows, however, because they can't live off the same booking forever. I'll give the show a


this week. I'd expect something around a 1.3 in the ratings due to the fact that the Tazz/Awesome clips were to be shown.

@That's all for today. I'm hoping to somehow get a column up tomorrow, as I'll be away today and all night tonight too. Hopefully, I can find my way to the PDC office to make some Spring Stampede predictions. My gosh, that one will be fun to predict. So just chill....till the next episode.

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