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Mr. Tito (April 15, 1999)
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Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. We have Thunder tonight, joy. Tomorrow I will most likely have the Possible WWF Angles segment on the PDC tomorrow. Anyways, on to the PDC.


-Wow, the reports of the WWF spring cleaning are true! The Blue Meanie has been released from the WWF. I thought that even though his role helping Goldust was a decent role, that it wasn't really needed. Blue Meanie was much better with his good friend Super Nova, as I hope he goes back to ECW to re-join him. I thought he was at his best, popularity wise, as Da Blue Guy in the Blue World Order back in the day. I have no idea why the WWF signed him anyways. Even though he has the Meaniesault, what other moves does he have?

-The Disciples of Apolcolypse were released as well during WWF's spring cleaning. The DOA could have been really something in the WWF if they were used right when Crush and Chainz(who I refuse to call him that because of how great Brian Lee was in ECW). They should have done much more other than wrestle the Los Boriquas(sp?) every other night. That's why Crush left the WWF, because he was sick of the DOA not being used to its full potential. What a shame.

-And yes, Public Enemy was also released. Damn, they aren't over like they used to. And to say that I used to like Public Enemy. I think their cheers dwindled as their careers went downhill in WCW. I remember when they made their debut for the WWF, how quiet the crowd was. Public Enemy left ECW abruptly to go to the WWF, so it's very unlikely that ECW will take them back. If you love to watch indy circuits, I'm sure you will see a lot of Public Enemy.


-Uh-oh, Roddy Piper extended his contract with WCW. What the hell are they thinking? He is never around, and he's always taking long breaks to make his lousy B movies. Piper can't wrestle worth a damn anymore. So why sign him? Maybe WCW is afraid he'll return to the WWF and make hilarious matches like he did back in the day with Goldust. That's sad. Piper's age really shows, compared to the other older wrestlers in WCW. The other older wrestlers can at least do most of the moves that they used to. The only thing I could enjoy him doing is commentating like he did last Nitro. He did a decent job.

-Oh cool, some rather interesting news. Reports are that Kevin Nash and Lex Luger could become new Horsemen. That would explain why Luger and Nash were talking to Flair a lot 2 weeks ago on Nitro. Nash could be the new, and very tough, enforcer of the group, but what about Luger? If you remember the last time he was a Horseman, you would have to go way back in the day to the late 80's. Luger was a horseman, and the other 3 turned on him to pave the way for Barry Windham to come in. Hmm..

-Randy Savage is back wrestling...on house shows! So you Macho fans will have to wait to and see if his lovely valet wins her match at the next PPV. I am very anxious to see Savage wrestle again. He always wrestles at high energy even though he is in his 40's. It doesn't show much on him like it does on the others. I just hope he defeats Hogan sometime in his career. Hogan owes him a clean loss for having Macho Man do the job for all of these years.

@That's it for today! I hope to be back tomorrow with the Possible WWF Angles segment for you to enjoy. So until then, just chill..till the next episode.

This is Mr. Tito, the Phattest Columnist around, signing off

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Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.

Mr. Tito 1999

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