Welcome back..to the one and only Phat Daily Column. In this very column, I will discuss Smackdown, I will give WCW props(maybe), I will discuss a big mistake of a WWF wrestler, and other topics as well. Since I can't think of nothing else to put in this intro, like it happens everday, I will now say "on to the PDC".

Since this is now on everyone and their mother's newsboard, plus it's all over the so-called "professional" sites, I guess you could say that the TNN spoiler has been released, therefore, it's no longer a spoiler and I can talk about it! But just in case....just ignore what is in the bars please.

The Big Tazz Mistake

You probably already know by now that Vince McMahon lended Tazz to ECW Thursday night in order for Tazz to defeat Mike Awesome for the world title. Some reports are already saying that Tazz will have the ECW title on WWF programming, basically to mock Mike Awesome's original plan. If you somehow forget your history, when Tazz left for the WWF, he dropped the strap to Mike Awesome, and put him over as the champ. For some odd reason, Paul Heyman got the idea that we should bring in somebody who no longer works in the WWF, and is only looking foward to climbing the ladder in the WWF only.

So for some reason, Vince lends Tazz to ECW, and BAM, he's the new world champ. However, if you see the title heading, I think it's a mistake on Tazz's part to take part in this situation. He doesn't need to be the champion of another federation, because he needs to mainly stay focused in the WWF. He's wrestling some good matches, his t-shirt is selling well, and his career is going nothing but up in the WWF. Why go back to your past and be part of winning the World Title? Sure, he beat Mike Awesome, and we'll hear all kinds of good stuff about that, but Tazz, in my opinion does NOT need this.

But why Tazz? Why couldn't ECW give it to somebody like Tommy Dreamer, who has busted his balls for the company. He's done the JOB to just about every wrestler around, and he's currently wrestling with a screwed up back. Just looking at him he screams "I've paid my dues", so maybe he would have been a better choice. You could have went with Raven or Sandman, two good ECW champs also. I don't know, somebody other than Tazz in my opinion.


-I'm shocked. WCW Thunder, as it now no longer deserves the name Chunder, got a 3.1 this week in the ratings! HOLY CRAP!!! WOW!!! That proves that Nitro did indeed put on a good show Monday Night, and even with the sloppy errors on Thunder, WCW has some attention now to which they can build off of. I thought, from what I saw, it was an OK show, with lots of brawling all night long. I forgot all kinds of stuff to mention yesterday, as I was in warp speed to get the PDC done. I forgot to mention how Booker T ran in for the save on Sid. Could this be a way to push Booker T as a monster face? I really hope so. Also, Russo is an ass for making comments on John Denver. Getting heat is one thing, but disrespecting somebody is another. You'll see my comments about the Rock on this matter also.

-All across opinion boards, and in lots of the e-mail that I read, I get the same stuff. They say that the Young Blood is nothing but a newer version of the New World Order. I tend to disagree, and here are a few reasons why. People ask why Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett are even in the Young Blood, as they were in charge of the recent joke of the NWO. I think that the Young Blood means that they are all wrestlers who haven't been World Champs yet. Just look at the Millionaires club. All of them but Scott Hall have been world champs at one time or another. Young Blood hasn't. That's the reason why Steiner and Jarrett are there. I've also heard that Young Blood only serves to attack the older wrestlers, but they will fight each other when needed. They just come together to pound on the old guys, and that's all. Besides, if I really thought that they were close to the New World Order, don't you think I would have picked up on it quickly and would have failed Nitro instead of acing it?


-Nothing like some good Smackdown to talk about. I was in shock again for this show, as Bull Buchanan and Big Bossman make their second main event in a row. How? Why? I don't know, but it seems like very lazy booking to me. Plus, I'm not really looking forward to seeing the Rock and Triple H fight either. They've fought against each other in so many matches, and if I really want to be thrilled by those two, I'll pop in Summerslam 98 to see their decent ladder match back when Triple H was his hip self, and when the Rock was the man as a heel. Speaking of Rock as a heel, he tagged up with Farooq last night. Gee, if I remember correctly, Rock and Farooq fought for power in the Nation of Domination. Of course, now they are both COMPLETELY different people.

-Haha, did anybody notice how silent the crowd was for that so-called Hardcore match between Perry Saturn and Crash Holly? It was such a slow match too, as both competitors looked extremely tired. I really wonder how solid that Cookie Sheet was because it A) pinned Crash Holly for Saturn to win the title, B) pinned Saturn for Tazz to win the title, and C) pinned Tazz for Crash Holly to win back his title. Luckily, nobody takes that title seriously.

-Boyd reported earlier that the Undertaker, when he comes back, will team up with Kane once again. Is it just me, or is the WWF forgetting history lately? Anyway, fans are literally starving for some Undertaker, as I get e-mails everyday like "when's the Undertaker coming back". It will be a month or two, just like it will be for Stone Cold. Their returns are going to be HUGE, and great weapons to combat the charging WCW with. Especially Stone Cold. Some polls still show that he's considered the most popular WWF wrestler. I can just imagine the crowd going crazy once the glass shatters.

Mail This!!!

I've never used this segment before, as it was really intended to be a part of the now retired Bad Tito. What I would do is just reveal a very disturbing e-mail every week. Well, I had to bring it on this column because this following e-mail is VERY disturbing. If you've read my past two columns, I've just suggested that the news on ICP sites about Vampiro appearing on JCW shows was false, and I got a few disturbing e-mails about it. This one tops them all:

From: SunzOMan60@aol.com
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 18:16:42 EDT
Subject: Lords Of PainTo: mrtito@lordsofpain.net
X-Mailer: AOL 3.0 for Windows 95 sub 18

yo wutup u wack-ass muhphuka, so u be dissin on juggalos? dont worry soon ya e-mail address will be on every ICP site in the world. so expect mad hate mail n viruses bein sent 2 ya ass pe@ce

From a simple opinion that news could be false on a few sites, I get e-mails, or threats like this. Just look at the grammar in this e-mail! Viruses and hatemail? That looks like a threat to me, and it can't be good when you are an AOL user. I'm not dissin on Juggalos, I was just stating that the news on JuggaloWrestling.com could be false because Vampiro might not be able to LEGALLY appear on JCW shows. That's all I was intending to say, yet this SunzOMan threatens me with hatemail and viruses. Geesh.

@That's all I have for you today. I'll be back tomorrow with the usual ECW on TNN impressions, and who knows, like Eric Loy says, I MIGHT have something nice to say about it. This is the wack-ass muhphuka signing off, so just chill till the next episode.

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