Welcome back to another edition of the Phat Daily Column. The Ratings are in!!! Was there any difference this week?? How about we check it out? On to the PDC.

Ratings Analysis

Monday Nitro

First Hour: 4.4Second Hour: 4.1Third Hour: 4.6Composite: 4.37


First Hour: 6.3Second Hour: 6.2Composite: 6.15

Head to Head

RAW: 6.15Nitro: 4.35

-Alright, I thought this week Nitro would further close the gap on the ratings after a spectacular show the other night, but I guess the WWF is running strong still. The WWF, I thought had a good show, but it could have been better. If you notice this week, Nitro went up in the third hour, most likely because of the Sting-Flair match...and from Dave Scherer's numbers, Raw only beat that match by 0.2 points. Very close. Look for much more matches like that next week on Nitro. 0.2 is freakin close! I think the WWF is still very strong, but next week they will be tested as they are taped again. It will be interesting to see what happens in the ratings next time.


-Reports are that many wrestlers in the back now feel that Sting can take the federation in the right direction. They realized that he gets the biggest pop out of the crowd than any other wrestler. Before they thought since he took lots of time off that he shouldn't deserve the title. Now that he's back and proving why he's still the top man in WCW, they are now thinking differently. Now, let's hope that head booker, let's call him Kevin Nash, wakes up and notices that Sting is the top man in the federation, not him, not Hogan, not any of his friends.-Scherer reports that Scott Hall will be most likely coming back this Monday to Nitro. Great news, especially for Nitro. I hope his life is once and for all cleaned up. I'm tired of hearing reports that he did this or he did that. I just want to hear reports on how great his career is now that he's cleaned up his life. Scott Hall can still perform, even at his age. Scott Hall is one of the few wrestlers in the business that you are guaranteed a good wrestling match when he wrestles.-And yes, Hogan's injury was a work. Argh! I hate injury works!! But maybe this one could work out for the better. Maybe he'll come back with a new attitude, and maybe put some credibility to his name. We'll see. He could be taking a short break until Nash wins the world title from DDP. Then he'll come back, and feud with Nash, like it should have happened in early January, but Nash dropped the ball on that one.


-Well, I'm saddened to say that the LOD has been let go by the WWF. They came back for one night to fight Jarrett and Owen, only to put on their worst performances ever. Sure they are way out of shape than what they used to be, but give them a chance. They finally got Paul Ellering back too. What they should have done is turn them heel, and have them run wild over the federation like they used to do back in the day. It's a damn shame.-Wow, I hear that Butterbean could be a WWF superstar in the future? That's odd. Even though his boxing career will take him no where(I mean with the super boxers like Lennox Lewis), how can he wrestle? From Bart Gunn's absence, and millions of reports the he's been released because of his sorry loss, I will admit that the fight was not a work like I previously stated. My bad. -WWF.com says this is the current Backlash Card:=Stone Cold vs. the Rock for the World Title=Mankind vs. Paul Wight in a Boiler room brawl=Triple H vs. X-Pac=Undertaker vs. Ken Shamrock=Hardcore Holly vs. Al Snow for the Hardcore title=New Age Outlaws vs. Jarrett and Owen for #1 contender spot

@Well, that's all I have for today. If you have noticed, my WWF section is a bit watered down, just because I want to save alot for the Possible WWF Angles section coming probably Friday. I'll be back tomorrow, so until then, just chill..till the next episode.

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