Welcome back to the wonderful world of Phat Daily Column. Now what would be a Wednesday night without a serving of Chunder for you? You know, it's a shame Thunder is on Wednesdays because Oz is directly on HBO against the second hour. Lord knows we can't miss Oz, now can we. But anyway, the Bischoff/Russo era was taking an second swing at impressing us last night, so what did I think? Well, on the PDC.


-Yeah baby! USA is back in the hunt to bring the WWF back on their network for the future. They matched the current deal that Viacom offered the WWF, and they want their WWF! This can't be nothing but good news for the WWF, as you just know Viacom will reach deep within their pockets and offer the WWF much more money. Still, I just like the fact that USA is stepping up to Viacom, which nobody predicted. Hey, I'm just not ready for RAW is TNN.

-It's funny how this weekend's events in Pittsburgh(Creed on Saturday and WWF on Sunday) ruined some NHL playoff games. In fact, I called around to see if any decent tickets were available for the WWF House Show in the CIVIC ARENA(I refuse to call it the Mellon Arena). I called Ticketmaster, and I asked them where the closest seats were for the event. My answer was section D26, which is Peanut Heaven and off to the right! If you've ever been in the CIVIC Arena, you know that anywhere in C is bad for your eyes, so D is probably twice as worse. Anyway, this isn't too bad sales for a houseshow is what my point was. If you are nearly selling out a decent sized arena for just a houseshow, then you are going places.

-Apparently, the Rock did NOT blade in his match Monday, but in fact he was busted open for real. Many others giving their opinions praised the Rock for finally blading, which it has been said that the Rock refuses to blade during matches. Can you blame him though? Blading is a part of wrestling which I'm shocked that is still allowed. I'm surprised that no athletic board have passed rules against a federation if they come into their area. Rock had some stitches put into his head, and he's just fine now.


-Boy did WCW really screw up on Mike Awesome already. They are paying a lot of money for this screw up, and since they didn't feel like paying ECW another six figure deal, they held Awesome off Thunder. Yeah, that's real nice. Don't follow up with the man who attacked Kevin Nash besides some highlights. WCW should have had him wrestle, if they could, to show the fans what he is truly made of. Of course, I only see a few wrestlers willing to take Awesome's punishment. Anyone care to step up?

-Oh my gosh! ICP fans have struck again! Yesterday, I mentioned the post on the JCW site about Vampiro having a few dates with JCW. Just mentioning this, and somewhat saying that it was fake got the usual e-mails like "FUK U TITO, ICP RULZ", which I normally get when I say ICP Sucks or ICP is the Most Worthless Thing to Ever Happen to Wrestling. When I say those two things, which I just did by the way, I get those wonderful e-mails filled with correct grammar and then some. Anyway, the reason I've said this is for the fact that Vampiro would get in trouble due to his contract with WCW, plus I remember seeing some harsh comments by ICP on their website a little bit ago about Vampiro NOT wanting to wrestle for them. That's why I said what I said, so settle down clowns.

-As for Chunder Thunder itself? Well, with Russo's new style being added, it's funny to see how many errors they get in one show. Seriously. The wrestlers get confused and mess up on their spots. The wrestling, especially is very choppy. At some points, like Harlem Heat vs. Sid, the wrestlers probably didn't have a clue what to do until Booker T ran in. It wasn't as easily noticed on Nitro, but they still had a few slight errors(ex. Shawn Stasiak's slam). But hey, this is Chunder, and from day one, it has never been expected to be their best show or effort. I bet Thunder's rating goes up this week!

@That's all for today's Phat Daily Column. I'll be back tomorrow with more of the Phat Daily Column to go around, so until then, just chill...till the next episode!

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