Welcome back to yet another edition of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. Good lord, Monday Night just came and it went by. You know that means. Time to bust out the gradebooks! Anyways, on to the PDC.

Monday Night Impressions


-Alright, Raw started off with yet another Corporate interview. Shane ended up slapping his dad, and it really seems now that Shane is on top of the Corporation. Not bad, except for the no retaliation from Vince, but of course, that's his own flesh and blood that he'd have to hit. I was saddened, though, that the Stooges, Brisco and Patterson, were fired from the Corporation by Shane. I guess Pete Gas and Rodney are the new Stooges? It was good to see Shamrock's loyalty for Vince.-It was nice to see Nicole Bass just destroy all of the women wrestlers. I wonder why she kept repeating "You got a problem?" Kinda odd.-When I hear that there will be a sacrafice later tonight on RAW, I just shake my head...-During the Stone Cold interview, it was nice to see the Rock by a bridge to refresh some old history of when Stone Cold threw away the Intercontinental Belt. -The Big Show and Mankind should have done something tonight together, as they are facing off at Backlash in a Boiler Room Brawl. -Mr. Ass vs. Val Venis was good, although I've seen it many times already. Good angle starting with Debra coming down with interest in Val Venis. This will be a very raunchy feud.-Good to see the dangerous Acolytes in action, even though the match was ended abruptly. I didn't like the Undertaker threatening Debra, but I did like Shamrock running in with a baseball bat. -I was very pleased to see the Godfather as the New Intercontinental Champ. That is one messed up champ right there, but he'll definately keep it for a while because whoever he fights, he'll offer the hoes to, will leave. -Bob Holly...keeps winning? Good lord. -I guess Mick Foley is helping the fight against the Ministry. Hey, maybe we'll see an exciting match between he and the Undertaker....-I was happy to see the Brood kicked out, as they didn't belong there.-Too much dissention in the Corporation, as HHH left Test in the ring to be defeated. That's a shame, because Test, I think, fits in better with HHH around.-Alright, I like that they are using Shamrock better now, but more brawls vs. the Ministry. This happened during Raw's 3 part final 10 minutes of the show. One brawl with the ministry is alright, but don't have more than one. Also, add to it that HHH and Bossman came out and attacked him as well. Why did the lights go out?-That was interesting to see Stone Cold fall off that bridge. Please don't ask if that was him, because it's obvious that it's a Stunt Double. I guess this rekindles the Stone Cold-Rock feud for yet another match.-Good to see Jim Ross back commentating!!====$Well, this LIVE edition of RAW was much better than last week's TAPED RAW, but it still wasn't the best that the WWF can put on. Not many matches to night either. It was good to see the Godfather win the IC title, but that was really the only clean pin. So, therefore, this edition of Monday Night Raw get a


for its efforts. It should be interesting next week, as Raw is Taped.

Professor Frank McHone says: Well, Raw was overall a good show. I thought it would be a lot better with Nitro starting to show life though. Shamrock is now the poster child for getting beat up by a gang. The Shane-Vince angle will prove to be interesting I think. The foundation for Vince's new corporation was laid tonight. The Godfather is the new IC Champ!! More air time for the hoes!! Yes!! It looks like Val Venis could possibly join D-X. Very interesting there. Kane needs to join though. Overall Raw gets a B+ for its effort this week.

WCW Monday Nitro

-I will go on record and say that Nitro finally had a decent first hour. They showed worthy flashbacks this time around. Sting's shoot interview was great! Rey and Juvy was decent, but I'm getting tired of seeing those two fight. Hugh Morris vs. Bam Bam, surprisingly, was a good Hardcore match. Notice that Shiavone hinted a hardcore title. Hmm... It's funny to hear DDP come out. He gets a mix of boos and cheers. That's funny to me. -The Flair interview was interesting. It was nice to see Macho come down and to see his new Gorgeous valet come down. Damn!! A match with her and Charles Robinson at the next pay per view for Macho to get re-instated. That'll be good. It was good to see a pissed off Sting come down and call Flair on. -El Dandy and La Parka vs. the now freakin huge Master Blasters was saved from ruining the show by having Nash beat on all of them. He said that he gets the next title shot at the next PPV. Gee, I wonder who is going to win. -The Nitro DJ is stupid. Kinda worthless to have around the show. Is WCW trying to become Mtv?-Psychosis vs. Kidman was decent, but not outstanding. -The Goldberg said in his interview that he's going after two wrestlers, Bret Hart and Lex Luger. Too bad both of them are injured. As for Goldberg, many reports around the net said that the ramp on the set was very hard to walk down. If you noticed on Goldberg's way down the ramp, he almost tripped on it. -Booker T vs. Steiner was decent, but the ending will lead to another work out with Stevie Ray and Booker T. I hope it's better than the last time.-I guess Goldberg is back to fighting jobbers, as he fought Kenny Chaos. I guess he needs to build up that streak before fighting someone who can beat him again.-The Sting vs. Flair was the by far the match of the night. Great match!!!! Sting really showed me that he's still the man in this sport. Every wrestler in WCW should watch out for this new, leaner and meaner Sting.-It was good to see Piper come out and do some announcing, but I hope he doesn't wrestle again.-Big Poppa Pump vs. DDP was a good match, with a good screwjob ending. When I say good, it was because of how the screwjob happened, with Kimberly nailing BPP with the chair. One thing I will say, it was rather dangerous for WCW to take a commercial break for this match. We'll see if that affects the ratings later on today.====$Damn, the Nitros keep getting better each week. I think WCW finally has some life now. I like how many wrestlers are all World title hungry. This show had a few loose ends, but not many. This edition of Nitro gets a phat


for its efforts. I think they will close the gap even more, if not winning the ratings this week. Oh yeah, forgot to mention this, no Hogan at Nitro. That helped out.

Professor Frank McHone says: Nitro was the best edition I have seen in almost six months. Flair got Sting over yet again. Great match between those two. DDP/Steiner was good too. I didn't like the ending though. I want to see Steiner with the gold. WCW is pushing the hard-core division which is a good sign also. What really made this show though was that there was no Hogan!! That raises the grade by letter alone. I don't care much for the Macho angle though. Too much like the WWF. Overall though this show was great. Horsemen as bad ass heels, no Hogan, and good pushes to some deserving wrestlers. Nitro gets an A- for it's efforts this week.

Wrestling News

-Well, it's a sure thing that Nash will win the title from DDP at the next pay per view. Everyone is already crying about this backstage, as they feel Big Sexy is getting a little greedy as head booker. Which he is in some sense, but when Nash is on his game, he's very hard to beat. If he wins the title, he'll probably start feuding with Hogan, and hopefully he doesn't drop the ball, I mean the title to Hogan this time.-If you noticed tonight, Arn Anderson was taking some pretty hard bumps. Could this mean there's a slight chance of him returning?? Quite possibly. The rumors are flying around that he's really thinking about it since he can perform much better than let's say half of WCW. He's also in better shape than he was a wrestler. I say, don't come back!! You don't need to risk massive injury again. The fans don't want to see it as well. Stay as Flair's manager, that's a great non-wrestling role for you. I'm sure it's burning inside for Arn though. Seeing everyone wrestle has to burn inside. He wants to come back probably, but he knows he'll risk serious injury if he does so.-The recent Ross Report states that the Big Show Paul White has lost close to 100 lbs in the past 6 months. Wow. It doesn't look like it, but I guess my eyes are fooling me. I think the Big Show needs new tights, a good angle, and a good strong gimmick that can put him back to where he was when he was the biggest bad-ass around in WCW. Paul Wight has 10 years on his WWF contract, so I think the WWF will figure out how to get him over somehow.


-Alright, the Possible WWF Angles segment is coming and will most likely be around by Friday, I hope. Also, the Mr. Tito Questions and Answers is coming right after that. I'm also going to do an article on Wrestling, the non Monday Night wars(like video games, wrestling figures, etc.). One thing to look for this summer is Wrestling's top 10 insperational wrestlers of all time. I'm going to make it like the WCW's Sport Century Atheletes. I have lots of research to do. Joy.

@That's it for the Phat Daily Column today. Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day. This is Mr. Tito, Phat Daily Columnist, signing off.

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