You're favorite guy who writes Phat Daily Columns is back.... Boy, is it a slow news week. It sort of reminds me of the news that evolves around the Holidays. I guess that's just what happens when the best news giver, WCW, goes under WWF rule.

The general concensus is that the majority liked the Daily Apples feature, so I'm going to keep it. It's just a way to keep this column going, day after day after day, while rarely taking a day off. Now can you dig that?

A couple readers did suggest that I make one day a week to review multimedia. My question is... what is there to review these days? There's nothing good in my local video rental stores, nor is there any video I feel that's worth buying. No books either, but it's not like I could read those right now with my stupid schedule.

On to the PDC.

RAW is WAR Ratings

First Hour: 5.1
Second Hour: 5.7
Composite: 5.4
Composite Last Week: 5.7
Composite Last Year: 6.2

Well, without the NCAA tournament finals, RAW went down in the ratings a little bit. So what went wrong? A lot of readers or those who post on the message boards absolutely HATED RAW, and many considered this past week's edition the WORST RAW EVER! Ha, I wouldn't give it that title, for there were many RAWs in late 1999 that were total crap.

The big segments of the night were the Linda-Vince interview, and the Main Event. I'm sure good ol' Vince is tossing off at the results, which means this feud will be the main focus really soon. But I'm really proud of the Main Event's success, as the Hardys main eventing against Triple H/Stone Cold, with the ladies also, drew a strong number. If you're a Hardy fan, you should be cheering this fact, for they'll get more opportunities in the future, if you know what I'm talking about.

Speaking of ratings, I'll agree with Slam!'s idea about the WWF possibly in panic mode over Smackdown's recent ratings. Sure, they scored a 4.9 one night, but the rest of the ratings have been in the early 4.0s. That's probably why we saw the whole Ross-Austin segment, so that it will make some Nitro viewers cream for Smackdown. The WWF has been posting a lot of Smackdown spoilers on their website too, in a possible attempt to gain viewers. Very interesting.

Daily Apples

-Road Dogg is oddly selling 2 hours of his time to anyone who cares to spend time with the FORMER WWF star. Excuse me, wrestler. It's rather interesting for a wrestler to do, as he'll travel ANYWHERE to meet whoever wins the auction. If you were a big New Age Outlaws fan, then you could make your birthday rather interesting, if you want to shell out over $5,000 for the former Tag Champ. I'd laugh if some Backyard Federation bought his time, and asked him to job in several matches! Take pictures and videos to prove it too!

-Very strange WCW show names provided by WWF's website. Here's the lovely list:

Primal Urge
Hard-On Saturday Night
Late Night Appetite
Hot Box
Saturday Night Nitro

Odd titles indeed. In fact, has the poll rigged so that you cannot see the results. How much you want to bet that the majority voted for "Hard-On Saturday Night"? Lots of pervs and savages would get a kick out of having a show named Hard On. These names, if you ask me, just aren't that good and it's sort of scary that it's the first creative idea by the WWF for WCW. I'm wondering if they could have included "WCW Saturday Night THUNDER", like they did for Nitro. Why? So I could use the following banner again....

God, I miss using that banner! Of course, I'd have to add a TNN like logo.....

-DO NOT go to if you HATE Spoilers!!!!! There's a BIG surprise on Smackdown to look foward to, so don't you dare go there at all. Well actually, you shouldn't go there due to poor loading times and non-updated information. Ahem. But the point is that you can no longer go your favorite wrestling company's site without having them ruin your show.

-Crowbar had a tryout match at the Smackdown tapings, which could be the stepping stone for his WWF return. Of course, the last time he was in the WWF, he was Devon Storm. As Devon Storm, he just never clicked with the fans, nor did his wrestling ability or work ethic impress the WWF big-whigs during the time he was there. With a better gimmick/look, he turned his career around in WCW, and it's making a difference now.

-Right now, it's very unknown about the future Video Game situation of WCW. Sure the WWF owns them now, but contracts are strict. EA Sports is wondering if they could still throw out a WCW video game, and probably quickly too. I'm thinking that EA's deal only runs with Time Warner, or that any purchase of the company could break the contract. After Mayhem and Backstage Assault's failures in the video game markets, why on earth would EA want to make another game? That's just ridiculous.

But the big picture, really, is if WCW is free from its ties with EA, then the WWF could make future video games through THQ. Yes, that's right... anybody remember WCW Revenge or any of the other previous THQ WCW Video Games? All superb games as they developed.

However, the REAL big picture is a dream game from most video game fans. We're talking WWF vs. WCW here, and what a video game that would be. I'm VERY sure that would eventually happen, but I think a few things need to happen. First, the brand of WCW needs to get popular again, which I'm predicting will happen for the new show on TNN. Secondly, the WWF needs to market the WCW wrestlers a whole lot better for the video game to be close to even. Besides guys like, say, Booker T, there wouldn't be much interest in any of the WCW wrestlers, right now, by the majority of the WWF fans out there for a video game.

Give it time, and it will happen!

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Mr. Tito 1998 - 2001 Exclusive to

The NBC XFL game scored a 1.5 national rating, which you could be the final nail in the coffin, for there were no NCAA tournament games as competition. This rating ties the record low set a few weeks ago.

No official TNN or UPN ratings yet, but it's assumed they are both under 1.0, easily.