Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. The ratings are in, as they show some rather interesting traits this week. Looks like Bischoff and Russo got off to a good start, as we will see what else they can surprise us by tonight on Chunder Thunder. Well, anyway, this introduction is leading me no where, and I can't think of anything else to say, so on to the PDC.

Note From Tito: Yesterday, I was very short on time and I got plastered with e-mails. I read them as quickly as I could, but if you didn't get a response, I'm sorry. I'm getting too busy with school and work these days, and time is something that I seem short of anymore. Rest assured that I do read them, but I can't guarantee responses anymore.

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 3.6
Second Hour: 2.6
Composite: 3.1


First Hour: 5.7
Second Hour: 6.6
Composite: 6.15


RAW: 5.7 Tito's Pick: 5.8
Nitro: 2.6 Tito's Pick: 3.0

In Comparison

HEAT vs. NITRO- Heat: 2.7 Nitro: 3.1
WWF Livewire: 1.8
WWF Superstars: 2.0
WCW Saturday Night: 1.6
ECW on TNN: A Dismal 0.9

-Alright, Nitro was up this week! That's right, as I can remember their head to head measure was 2.1, therefore, a good 0.5 improvement from last week. From the e-mail, many of you agreed that this was a blockbuster Nitro, and that Nitro is in the game again. I was surprised I didn't get flooded with the e-mails like this: "F@CK YOU, WCW MARK!!!". Usually I get killed with those when my OPINION decides to give Nitro a good score. Originally, I had the show around an A- or an A, but since Nitro lived up to the hype in my opinion, I decided to put it over with an A. RAW, on the other hand, I felt was rather boring and repetitive. I'm sure the WWF will see this spike in the ratings, and step it up next week. You see, the WWF knows when the competition is on the rise ever since the original NWO stole the ratings.

As for in comparison this week, Nitro, with better ratings, defeated Heat, with lower ratings, this week. Still, you gotta hand it to Heat for great numbers though. They have weaker matches and angles, but they always put up good numbers(besides WM weekend). As for the ECW on TNN vs. Lower-End shows...well, ECW wasn't even close this week. Besides the fact that they pulled the SAME RATING to which they started with, the Lower-End shows had a good weekend in the ratings. Both Superstars and Livewire jumped bigtime, and WCW SN is up too. ECW on TNN, however, is OUT OF THEIR LEAGUE with a weak number of 0.9. Yeah, go ahead and say it's a Friday thing when WCW Saturday Night can improve.


-I can't believe how ignorant it is to take an ECW wrestler these days. About 2 years ago, a federation could come in and take whomever they wanted. Now, Heyman claims there is some binding contract somewhere on Notebook paper, and he'll threaten to sue, sue, sue to stop people from stealing his talent. You might think I'm calling him an idiot, but I'm finally giving Heyman congrats for having a firm hold on his wrestlers for once in his life. WCW failed with Sabu, and they just might fail with Mike Awesome too, as ECW is putting on the brakes on the agreement with WCW to use him. Hell, they are just about enforcing that WCW plug their TNN show! That's funny, as WCW wants Awesome bad, and ECW can make WCW their bitch in this deal. It's rather funny.

-Looks like all legal action towards WCW is over with Shane Douglas, as he dropped the suit and signed a new deal! That's great for Shane, as he now has management that are willing to use him properly. His program with Flair the other night was very good, and it shows that by giving him the chance to work with Flair, he CAN produce. I just hope that in finally getting his wish, that no injury holds him back this time around. With the new system and being healthy for the first time in a while, it's Shane's time to shine.

-JuggaloWrestling.com is reporting.....ok, let me say "claiming" that Vampiro is going to make 3 surprise appearances on the Juggalo Championship Wrestling tour. Oh boy, the Vampiro-ICP saga continues here. I'm sure Vamp isn't making no such appearances, so ICP is already letting down their fans by hyping an appearance of a wrestler who could go against his contract by appearing on JCW tours. This rant isn't leading to a "Bash ICP" segment, but come on, why make up stuff on a website just to give Vampiro a bad name? I guess that's why they are "Insane", right?


-According to Variety this morning, Diller plans to match the bid of CBS/TNN in order to resign the WWF to his network once again!!! Many people thought that Diller would back down from CBS/TNN offering up a lot of money, but he's smarter than that. Diller knows who puts money in his pocket everyweek, so he's finally willing to spend money back to get the top rated show on cable television. It is also said that USA is preparing for life after the WWF, because they know viewership of their station will jump way down. At least USA is giving a fight for the federation that they helped become big by allowing the NEW WWF attitude to come alive.

-Early buyrates of Wrestlemania are around 2.2-2.4 or so, which would make it a very profitable Wrestlemania in the WWF's books. This would probably also come from the All Day Long WWF special which also helped spike such a high number. They say it's the most watched Wrestlemania ever, and I don't know about that. I think it falls short of the classics like Wrestlemania 5. Oh wait, they probably mean most watched by the advancement of descramblers and illegal cable boxes. Oh, my bad.

@That's it for today. Not much WWF news floating around, so it makes it rather hard to comment on them right now. I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully, with some Chunder Thunder comments, so just chill...till the next episode.

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