Welcome back to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Holy smokes, an brand new WCW champ was crowned last night! Wow, who would have thought that someone who used to be an annoying manager would come all this way. Anyways, tonight is Monday Night, and I think it will be a battle! Raw is live tonight, and Nitro will be trying to rebound off the pay per view. Can't wait!! On to the PDC.


-With DDP as world champ, what is going to happen? Well, I don't expect him to hold that title for long. It was nice to see that he was someone who used to be nothing in wrestling, and now he's champ. What I don't like though, is that he takes way too much time off. Hopefully, now that he's the new world champ, he'll stick around more. Maybe a fresh new champ is a way for WCW to go in the right direction. Who knows, but we could see where this will take us tonight on Nitro. -Scott Steiner won the US belt, gee, that was hard to predict. Anyways, I hope his attitude in the ring and off the ring doesn't ruin that title reign. I think Scott Steiner could make a great US champ, and he could elevate him to world title status. That is if he stays out of trouble. -What about Sting?? Rumors were that he was supposed to win the world title last night, but that decision came to because of all of the crying wrestlers that were bitching about Sting's inactivity. Well, all of those wrestlers need to realize that Sting has always been WCW, so if they cry about him, then they are contradicting themselves because they weren't in WCW during it's rough times.


-Not much from WWF except that RAW will be huge tonight, or at least that's what the WWF is saying. Shane McMahon is supposed to make a huge announcement that could mark the dawn of a new era. I think it could be a few things. One, he could be the man that Undertaker refers to sometimes, and he'll reveil it tonight. Two, something with the Rock could happen, maybe giving some kind of ultimatem or something. Three, there could be a complete new look to the corporation which means some members are packing their bags, and some could be going corporate as well. -What will happen to Paul Wight to get him more over? Sure he's helping Stone Cold, but that is getting him no where. I predict he'll re-join the corporation sometime in the future, just because I can feel it! That's just a lousy prediction, so don't account me for it. Remember when he wasn't getting over as a face in WCW after he left the NWO? He went back to the NWO. I notice a pattern. We'll just have to see won't we?

Make sure you watch both Monday Night shows tonight, as they both, hopefully, should be huge.

@That's all for today. Most of the news is surrounding tonight's shows. I'll be back tomorrow with the famous Monday Night Impressions. So until then, just chill...till the next episode.

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Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.

Mr. Tito 1999