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Welcome back to the column that never's the Phat Daily Column. The Monday Night Impressions are HOT today, as it was an AWESOME night of wrestling...maybe for just one. Questions were somewhat answered tonight as it Russo/Bischoff could work together, could Hogan fit in, and will younger wrestlers finally get the spotlight. I'll judge that in a second, so on to the Phat Daily Column.

Monday Night Impressions

For some odd reason, I've always presented the shows with Nitro first and RAW second in my format. I'll change that today just to build up the biggest hyped Nitro of all time.


For those who don't believe me on how boring those opening interviews are, just look at this weeks. Rock is on the mic talking stuff how he should get a title shot. That took 8 minutes before Vince McMahon came down. Then 11 minutes of Vince jaw jacking, everybody runs down in final one minute. Ok, let me see here...20 minutes of LONG INTRO INTERVIEW. I question anybody who found that one exciting. This 20 MINUTES OF LONG INTERVIEW set up one match, which was Rock vs. a mystery opponent. Funny thing is that we have to wait till the very end of the show to see it, and not just the end of the first hour to fight that strong Nitro. The surprise was a joke, although it turned out to be a decent match. Bull Buchanan and Bossman? Main Eventers? Oh come on WWF.

Good thing we didn't have DX winning the titles, because I bet they'd probably hold it like the New Age Outlaws did, and make no sense of the tag team division. RAW, tonight, had a lot of matches that didn't build up matches towards their next pay per view too well, Backlash, which is under 3 weeks away! They had a bunch of decent matches, like the REPEAT of Hardys and T&A, the Radicalz vs. Tazz/Scotty/Phatu, and Kurt Angle vs. Godfather. This made for a very dragging night.

I gotta admit that I enjoyed the Triple H vs. TAKA match very very much. TAKA busted his ass out there to give it all in his first ever World Title shot in the WWF. Big Show gets weirder for each show. Guerrero vs. Jericho just blew a decent Backlash match. Why they had it is unknown to me. Terri messing with the Kat's looks was just plain stupid.

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 8
Clean Wins: 6
Screwjobs: 1
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 0
Opening RAW Interview: 20 Minutes

Last Word: Damn, what a very lackluster RAW we just witnessed. What happened to the excitement of RAW? It was missing tonight, obviously, and they could be shocked when the ratings come out later today. I didn't enjoy RAW one bit, and I found it very boring at times. Therefore, this week's RAW gets a


for their effort. They better step it up because their competition just got much better. I predict a 5.9 in the first hour of RAW against Nitro.

And then there came Nitro.......

Monday NITRO

Breaking News: Nitro just ditched their old expensive set and stole WWF RAW's set!!!

At the beginning of Nitro, we have everybody under 30 in the ring. Russo then comes out, and he gets on the mic. He talks about the "Good Old Boy" network holding him down. I don't think so there Russo. Your first run proved that you were in a bad stage of writing, as you couldn't write clean television. Then, Bischoff comes out. As ECW crowds would say: WELCOME BACK, WELCOME BACK. He had all of the 40 year olds come out, and he stripped EVERYBODY of their titles. He also badmouthed all of the 40 year olds he took from the WWF, and Sting and Flair. This was a long opening segment, but it didn't drag, and it had LOTS of purpose for once.

Tournament matches....hmm, so meaning that they no longer want the 40 year olds, why are all 4 of them in the tournament? The 3 tourney matches were ok, but each of them had interference which will set up feuds for the 40 year olds to put the younger wrestlers over. First off, Buff will feud with Luger after the Luger/DDP match. Then, Wall came down and attacked Sid to allow Sting to get the win. Finally, in the finals with Sting and DDP, Vampiro turned on Sting to allow DDP to win. Then, of course, Kimberly gets a good guitar shot, thus hyping the Jarrett vs. Page match. Oh yeah, Shawn Stasiak made his WCW debut with Mr. Perfect's music!! He came down and screwed Hennig during his match with Jarrett. Wow, I didn't think they could make pay per view matches this quickly!

My gosh, Madden released the rolls! Thanks Tank Abbott for taking his ass out. The commentary was about 10 times better without your high pitched voice and screaming. Hey, Scott Hudson is in the house. KEEP HUDSON ON NITRO, PLEASE!!! My gosh, Madden looked horrible in the ring. Sickening.

Kidman and Hogan was a great piece of work. Kidman talks all kinds of crap on Hogan, and Hogan gets pissed and calls him on. Hogan really does a good job in this brawl with Kidman, and Kidman sold everything that he could to make it all look good..and it did! Bischoff comes down with the chair, and BAM, he hits Hogan, and counts to 3 for Kidman!! WOW, Hogan put over an younger guy! OH MY GOSH!!! By the way, did anybody else see Hogan quickly blade before he got hit with the chair? After this match, an hour long journey to find Eric Bischoff. A new Hogan emerges from this one, as it was interesting to see him all pissed off about what had happened. Then...the Hummer returns! Hogan in his limo, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM...hit after hit with the Hummer into his Limo, and Bischoff reveals himself to be the driver. I wasn't shocked as I was really laughing here. Hogan is injured, and Kidman, by the way, was also in the Hummer. Interesting.

Next up, Ric Flair! He comes out and does his usual Psycho acting, and then Shane Douglas comes back and attacks him!! This sets up a match between the two, and they were hitting each other good. Then, Russo comes down, and it's BATTER UP time, as Flair took lots of bat shots. My gosh, many wrestler's dreams are coming true!

Want another surprise for the night? Mike Awesome, who I guess was traded really to WCW for some things in return, comes out of no where and attacks Nash!! The Real Master of the Powerbomb attacked the Self Proclaimed Master of the Powerbomb. I love it!!!!!

At the end, a MAJOR brawl between younger guys and older guys erupts, and Russo and Bischoff are loving it! Then, Bret Hart comes out and greets them, as he was in the crowd watching earlier. That's the cliffhanger of this wild WCW ride.

NITRO Phat Stats

Matches: 6
Clean Wins: 1
Screwjobs: 4
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 0

Last Word: Wow, I just didn't witness a great Nitro. After about 2 years of suffering through badly booked shows, they finally got it all right. I really had my doubts coming into this Nitro about how Russo and Bischoff would work together, but I found out quickly about how intense they are making their show. The show, overall, was about in the A range, but since Nitro and Russo/Bischoff lived up to the hype I am going to give them my first EVER


which I've never gave any Monday Night show before. They damn well deserve it, and I'm I'm pleading for them to please keep it up. For Bischoff, please do a great job to erase those bad memories of letting idiots like Kevin Nash run your shows. For Russo, please book well because your last tenure in WCW wasn't what it was supposed to be. Both Russo and Bischoff deserve lots of respect for putting on one of the best Nitros ever, or maybe it is the best. I've been witness to so many horrible Nitro telecasts, I can't remember anymore. Anyway, congrats to both and all of WCW here, and I predict a head to head rating of a 3.0 for this week.

ECW Rating analysis and more

-ECW on TNN scored a 0.9 this week in the ratings, which is the EXACT number of the rating which they started with. Yes, how about those apples for the ones who keep cursing me out about ECW's ratings. Hey, what holidays are you going to blame it on this week? Huh, come on, I want to hear excuses!!! Tell me why ECW scored such a low rating? No NCAAs to blame it on either this week! Go ahead and give me the Friday excuse, cause it won't work here. You should assume that after 6 months of being on TNN, the ratings would improve more. Instead, they can't get past a simple 1.3.....and this week, they are the same rating to which they started with. Yeah, they are indeed the #2 promotion(sarcasm).

-Well, since Mike Awesome is in WCW now, why not Sabu too? It's rather funny that ECW is letting Awesome wrestle, who is their world champion, and they don't allow Sabu to enter WCW. Hopefully, Sabu makes his way to WCW so that the Hardcore division won't have to revolve around Brian Knobbs again.

@That about does it for today's Phat Daily Column. Congrats again to WCW for a strong effort, and once again throwing their hat into the Monday Night Wars. I just hope they can keep it up, because if they don't, they will be far from the A+ range. See you tomorrow!

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