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Mr. Tito (April 11, 1999)
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Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Sorry it's so late, as I had to work all afternoon. Anyways, I just have a few tidbits for you, and I have an interesting piece of writing of which I'm sure many will find interesting to read. Everyday I get criticized for ripping on WCW's older wrestlers, so today, I'll justify that. Shall be fun! Anyways, on to the PDC.

Wrestling Goodies

-The word is that Davey Boy Smith will be suing WCW for firing him because of inactivity. Get them Bulldog! WCW deserves to be sued, and sued very hard. Bulldog was injured on that stupid trap door WCW put in their ring for the Warrior to come enter through. Bulldog was slammed on the trap door, causing him to injure his back, which is the reason you no longer see him on WCW television. He might have to have some of his vertebrae replaced, which means no wrestling for him, ever again! That's a shame, because Bulldog was one of my favorite performers to watch. WCW should lose this case since their stupid trap door injured him, and they fired him recovering from the injury that their ring gave him.

-As many of you have heard by now, TNN is dumping their Rollerjam show, which I actually enjoyed watching when I could, for a wrestling show. Talks have it being one of the NWA shows or other lousy independent circuits. Whoever gets the spot is really going to benefit. ECW was in talks with TNN, but everyday I hear that ECW has a slight chance of getting it. Whoever gets the spot is going to have to put up a lot of money for the spot. ECW should make the investment, even if they are in money trouble. They should take a large loan to make the pay off, because getting that TNN slot will definately help their company. This is ECW's chance of getting out of money trouble, and it will give them a real opportunity to give them World Title status. I hear that Music City Wrestling, a Nashville wrestling independent federation, which is really USWA in a different form, is the front runner for the spot.

My Reasons for Putting Down Older Wrestlers in WCW

Alright, I never get a day on which I get an e-mail complaining on how I'm always getting on WCW's older wrestlers. It is true, that I do rip on them very much, and I can be very harsh when I do it, but I have reasons for doing so. Many of the wrestlers that I rip on, I used to respect them when they were in their primes, only to get upset with them now for trying to be the top man when they are way past their prime.

Hogan is the main wrestler that I get yelled at for constantly ripping on him, and saying he should retire. If you tell me that Hogan wrestles as good as he used to, I'll laugh at you. Hogan was the top man back in the day at WWF, and he was a much better wrestler then than he is now. As he grew older and older, he wrestled less and less, and when he did wrestle, his matches had no excitement like his old WWF matches used to generate. Who could forget his NWO title reigns, where he would defend the title when he wanted to, which was like once every 3 months? That's sad. Having him as champ when he never wrestles is really hurting someone else's chances of stepping into the spotlight, which Hogan is always hogging. Hogan's long and boring title reigns gave the prestigeous WCW title a bad name, which is very sad considering the tradition behind that belt. The only time when Hogan can generate crowd interest in his matches, is when he is just about guaranteed to lose. Hogan nowadays, is a very slow mover. Watching his matches now is like watching his old matches, in slow motion. That's sad, especially for someone who is supposed to be your world champion. Hogan's hogging the spotlight has been killing other great wrestlers, young great wrestlers that is, from rising to the occasion and becoming a superstar. Hogan has already proved enough in the sport, that he should help the next great superstar get over. Too bad that won't happen.

As for Ric Flair. This old man, and I'm saying old man because he's just about the oldest in the sport, can still put on a match. One thing I don't like about him though. He's only out for himself, when he should be helping his fellow Horsemen, mainly Benoit and Malenko over as wrestlers, instead of taking a lot of time during shows for his "Mean Gene!!!" interviews. Flair seems to be getting hurt more these days, and I can't watch a match which he wrestles in where the crowd starts chanting "saggy breasts". That's sad. Flair is the most traditional wrestler around, but the crowd is chanting that. I'll admit though, he has great crowd support, but I don't want to see him getting hurt anymore. When you get older, you get much more brittle. Flair can't take hard bumps like he used to, and he can't do as many moves as he used to. He does wrestle as much as he can, but retiring now could let us savor the many great moments that we have enjoyed with him throughout the years.

Now I get yelled at everyday for calling WCW the "Senior Tour". Why do I do that? Well, just about every wrestler in the WCW are wrestlers that came into the WWF, or originally came from the WWF, made it big there, and came back to WCW at a later age. Most of those wrestlers are in their forties, and they don't perform as well as they used to back in the day. They are getting paid much more than the hard working wrestlers, and they take many days off. They are much more injury prone now. Just take a look at Curt Hennig. He could sit down wrong, and get injured. Bret Hart is getting injured much more now, or at least it's putting him out of action for it. The same goes for most of the older wrestlers in WCW. Many of them used to wrestle injured through their matches, but now they can't, they have to take time off. They are also taking lots of vacation time now, which they didn't back in the day. Many of the younger wrestlers in WCW are busting their asses at every Thunder, Saturday Night, Nitro, and Pay Per View, whereas the overpaid older wrestlers only wrestle Nitro and Pay Per Views. That's pathetic. Sure they can't perform as well as the younger wrestlers, but they get paid much more for their efforts, so they should help out at every show.

Another thing that bothers me about WCW's older wrestlers is that they have total control, now, over what happens in the federation. Just take a look at Kevin Nash. He's in his earler 40s now, or at least close to 40, and he's running the show. He's not the president of WCW, but he is the top man. He himself can't perform as well as he could, as his age is catching up with him because his knees are starting to really bother him. He wrestles about one match in a blue moon nowadays, and he doesn't help the younger, talented wrestlers, he just keeps them down to make himself and his friends look good. I could add that Hogan has a lot of control too, as usually angles that could be very exciting with the younger wrestlers, and helped pitched by Hogan, mostly because he personally knows that the angle will be bigger than his angle that he is currently in. That's a shame.

I hope this cleared somethings up, as I feel the older wrestlers should help the younger wrestlers get over. Just remember back when these wrestlers were young, and hungry. The older wrestlers gave them their shot at being big, so they should do the same. It bothers me when they don't. I really thought there was hope when Hogan let Goldberg beat him on Nitro, possibly passing the torch. But I was wrong. Hogan was right back into the title race a week after Goldberg lost the title to Nash. I think they will get a lot of praise in the wrestling business for helping get another wrestler over. Just take a look at Hogan. If you have seen the Andre the Giant special or another special that was on A & E (forget the name of it), you will see that Hogan thanks Andre the Giant heavily for passing the torch on to him, when he could have been a prick and not did the job. Every older wrestler should do the same, and then I won't bash them as much.

@Well, that's all for today. I hope that segment helped define my reasons for sometimes constantly ripping on certain older wrestlers. This column is an opinionated column, so all of the thought comes straight from myself. Anyways, I'll be back tomorrow with yet another Phat Daily Column. I'm still doing research on the "Possible WWF Angles" segment. So until the next PDC, just chill...till the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, Phat Daily Column specialist, signing off!

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Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.

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