Welcome to an all new edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll discuss the very latest in the wild and wonderful world of wrestling, and all the while, I'll be running my mouth as usual. What can you do?

I'm currently starting to get really bored with my N64 games, insomuch that I've been playing the SNES more than the N64. I've got a decent stockpile of N64 games, making me wonder that if I traded a bunch of those in, how much cheaper a Gamecube might be, especially with Wrestlemania 18 coming out so soon. Hmmm....

I'll buy a Gamecube especially if there's a Conker's Bad Fur Day coming out for that system. I know that it's rumored for Rare to put out that game for the Gamecube, or at least that's the last I heard. Conker's for the N64 ranks up there as my favorite video game, ever. I don't know how many times I've played the Beach in multiplayer mode, but I no longer miss when using the sniper rifle.

Just listening to Forceable Entry lately made me realize that the WWF badly missed out on a big opportunity at Wrestlemania 18. Why? Instead of bringing in Saliva and/or Drowning Pool, they should have brought in Disturbed to play Austin's theme. From everyone that I've talked to who has had the pleasure of seeing that band, live in concert, they have all said that Disturbed was one of the best groups that they've ever seen live. Disturbed would have probably blown off the roof at the Skydome, or at least received a better reaction from Toronto fans than those two other bands, who weren't so hot live.

Anyway, on to the PDC.


If you're holding your tongue and saying "Daily Apples", it will sound like "Daily Assholes".

-The RAW rating remained unchanged from last week. If you're of the opinion that the NCAA championship held RAW to a 4.8 rating last week, then what can you say about this week's rating? That doesn't matter. What matters is that the WWF better send some talent to the RAW show, you know, like the WHOLE Cruiserweight division or a Chris Benoit or a Chris Jericho their way, or ratings will drop. Plus, how can you get fans excited to see Big Show vs. Mr. Perfect? Plus, with the 2 #1 contender matches, fans only knew about where they'd fight just before Austin beat Scott Hall in the Main Event. Soooo disorganized...

Thanks to my bad short term memory, I tend to forget a few things. Why did Bradshaw go directly after the Undertaker in the Scott Hall vs. Steve Austin match? I didn't find the logic of that.

And I did yield to temptation last night. As late as it was, and finding a reason to stay up even longer, I read through Calvin's Smackdown Spoilers. On paper, the show looks very weak, in my opinion, for a show that's noticeably stacked as compared to RAW. I'll probably go more into detail about what happens on the show Friday, and I'll play dumb when hyping Smackdown in tomorrow's column so that it doesn't ruin anybody's viewing pleasure.

-Yikes, it appears that the WWF will now ride on Hulk Hogan's back, since the Rock will be taking lots of time off for personal reasons and to promote his new movie, "The Scorpion King". It's like we're in 1993, all over again. I'm telling you, if the WWF keeps shoving Hogan down our throats as the biggest face, despite a terrible in-ring ability now, the live crowds will slowly start booing him. We'll see if Hogan is the one who gets cheered at Backlash against Triple H.

-Speaking of the "Scorpion King", I have fears that it's going to get bashed and hard in reviews. Why? Well, the first shooting of the movie was so half-assed that it came out short once editing was done. Therefore, the Rock had to go back and reshoot some scenes. I mean come on, that's just sad when it comes to a major motion picture, especially one in the light of the "hot" Mummy series. We'll see what goes down on April 26th.

-And while we're on the subject of dates... If you have a hard time remembering what day Backlash is on, just remember that it's on Mr. Tito's 22nd birthday - April 21st!

-Reading the Torch report right here, I can assume that the Clique has a new leader. It looks like Triple H is the new man that all of the members now rely on for power in the WWF, as it was Shawn Michaels they could rely on in the WWF during 1995-1996. Triple H is the World Champion now, and he is fucking the living shit out of Vince McMahon's daughter. It appears as though HBK is the odd man out now, and with the bad impression he left last year before Wrestlemania 17, it's likely that we'll never see Shawn Michaels ever again on WWF television.

-Plain and simple. The only way to add excitement to the Cruiserweight division is to sign Rey Misterio Jr.. It won't be fun seeing the same old WWF wrestlers performing in it. You know, the WCW guys and Tajiri that the WWF regularly buried up until this point. Rey-Rey is fresh for the current WWF fanbase, and plus, this guy is friggin' talented. Like I've said before, go find an old tape of Misterio wrestling. You'll be amazed at how great he actually is. If you watched WCW on a regular basis, you probably got bored of him after a while, but watch him again, and you'll agree. He's insanely talented.

Of course, any new talent that makes the rest of the roster look bad can't happen. Ask Rob Van Dam.

-I have heard rumors about Grandmaster Suck-ay, I mean Sex-ay, coming to the WWF again to reform Too Cool (or Too Cule, as Jim Ross says it). Well, if you've brought back the notorious Scott Hall and Eddie Guerrero, then I guess you'd have to bring back Brian Christopher again. Joy. And what was his worth before he left? Oh, I can just remember that great tag team of Grandmaster Sex-ay and Steve Blackman. Anybody up for Chuck & Suck vs. Too Cool in tag matches? *hears silence*

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