Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Today is put up or shut up day for WCW, as all of the pressure will be on them to produce a spectacular show. Tonight could be the first night to see if Eric Bischoff can handle working with WCW again, and if Vince Russo really can actually write. It should be very interesting to see, and there is no doubt that RAW will do everything in their power to steal their thunder(not the show). Let's evaluate this, so on to the PDC.

WCW's Last Chance

This is it. If they mess up here, it's over. The shot of a lifetime. Like I said above...it's either put up or shut up time, and Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff are set to prove everybody wrong that WCW is finished. Ok, but one thing I'm thinking, and that if Russo/Bischoff fails, it's practically over. I'm sure it will dwindle like the old AWA did back in the day if this new regime can't prove that they can provide a watchable show.

What am I looking for in the ratings? If they don't drop drastically in the ratings like Russo did when he was here the first time, and like Sullivan and Bischoff did at the end of their runs. They must slowly get better and not show signs of failure already. As for my grading system...I am going to be very critical of the new Empire, because rightfully so, they need it. If they are going to say that they are the second coming of WCW, then I want to be proved that it is.

Ok, here's the rumor mill Nitro Preview:
First off, we have a lot of people RUMORED to show up. You have Mike Awesome, Shane Douglas, Kevin Nash, Bill Goldberg, Tammy Sytch, Kanyon, Rick Steiner, and a few others. Scratch DDP off the list, as I've heard that he hurt himself working out. It was said that he wanted to be at this Nitro badly, and like Kevin Nash who's also hurt, he just might show up in some capacity. Some say that the World Title will change tonight, as someone, as rumored Scott Steiner, will come in and take his precious title away. You know, although Sid doesn't get the pops that a champ should get, at least he's held it for a while.

With Mike awesome, some say it's a done deal that he's going to be on Nitro and trash the ECW belt. This would be DEVASTATING to ECW, as a lot of their dreams of becoming #2 will shatter! It is a shame that if he shows up on Nitro, he would have never had the chance to fight the Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, Raven, or Rob Van Dam. Hell, some are saying that Mike Awesome is the chosen one to win the WCW title tonight. Yikes.

-So without further ado, here's the official Nitro Preview, and then some. They are hyping some kind of "major annoucement" for this show, and they "claim" that everything is quiet at WCW headquarters. They say that the entire roster of WCW wrestlers will be at Nitro, which probably includes the injured ones too, as anybody could show up on television that hasn't been there in a while. They say that the show is the most anticipated and surprising shows in WCW history. It sure is, but let's hope we anticipate next week's show too.

-WCW.com also mentioned the fact that "rumors have circulated over the net in recent weeks" about tonight's show, which means that all of the news that "dirtsheets" said about what will happen tonight could be wrong. Many should know that Russo tries to fool the "smart" fans, and I bet that many of the rumors listed above are probably untrue. I guess we'll find out tonight. I just hope they can make a watchable show without too much smut or lame angles going on.


-Look for the WWF to fight this hype of Nitro's new regime with a powerful show of their own. I wouldn't doubt that they have Rocky winning the World Title tonight just to counter this very show. WWF will attempt to pull all of the stops to make sure they still have a comfortable spot on top of the mountain. WWF's first hour should be a big one, as that is the only hour of competition now between WCW and WWF. We shall wait and see!!!

-Whoa, as Boyd pointed out earlier, the Rock won't miss out on any Pay Per Views while he's filming the Mummy 2. That could send a message that he could win the World Title either tonight or Backlash. Whatever the case may be, the Rock will be needed to make sure that WCW doesn't creep up on the WWF. Instead of booking what ever they wanted to do, the WWF will now have to make sure nothing isn't a ratings draw in the WWF. Break out the big guns!

-One thing that I'm enjoying about the WWF is the Radicals' happiness, finally. When they were stuck in WCW, they were nothing but miserable. Now, by reading their online commentaries, I hear nothing but joy in their lives and they were excited about their wrestling careers again. All four were overwhelmed by Wrestlemania, as they haven't been to a show like that in years! Plus, I'm sure having 3 WWF belts sort of adds to that. 3 of the Radicals seem to have a firm stake in the WWF, except for Saturn, who I still feel needs to develop his character more. Hopefully, the WWF won't pull the plug on the feud with Tazz and give it some television time, also, to develop.

@That's all I have for you today. I'll be back tomorrow with the Monday Night Impressions to see how the almighty booking team of Russo/Bischoff really is. So just chill....till the next episode!

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Take Care, and Enjoy Wrestling tonight.

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