Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. This week will tell a lot about WCW's future, whether it will still revolve around Hogan, or give the chance for another star, Sting or DDP, to be on top. Shall be interesting. I was shocked by the reaction that I got from my Michael Cole section yesterday. I figured I'd be laughed at for even thinking about an article on him. Anyways, on to the PDC.


-Well, I caught Jay Leno last night. I was hoping that Hogan would retire for good this time, but it appears that he won't. It's very pathetic when you come onto a talk show, and state that you are done with wrestling for good, and then get back into it, and you are around much more than before. Hogan is not title worthy anymore. I think he would have a lot of problems in the US title tournament, or even defeating Booker T for the TV title. Sure Hogan helped put wrestling on the map, twice, but now he has terrible wrestling skills as his age increases. Maybe when he runs for President in 2000, I'll vote for him since the responsibilities of being president would keep him out of the ring, but I'm sure he'd somehow find time to wrestle.-The one Nitro hyped up Spring Stampede Card looks like this, and here's my predictions:=Disco Inferno vs. Konnan. I pick Disco for this one. Konnan is in WCW's doghouse, still, and plus WCW probably feels that they can milk this feud for another pay per view. Winner: Disco Inferno=Benoit and Malenko vs. Raven and Saturn. Even though I think there could be a screwjob finish allowing Raven and Saturn to win, I'll go with the horseman for the win since they had to job the titles away. Winners: Benoit and Malenko=Kidman vs. Rey Misterio Jr. for the cruiserweight title. Kidman all the way. This will cause dissention in their stupid tag team, probably allowing another tag team to defeat them for their tag titles.=Booker T vs. Big Poppa Pump for the US title. I see Big Poppa Pump winning this just because I don't think WCW would torture us with another title tournament, or maybe the would? Winner: Scott Steiner=Goldberg vs. Kevin Nash. I'll choose Goldberg, although I see a screwjob happening that could enable Nash to win, thus having them fight, AGAIN, and next month's Pay Per View. Winner: Goldberg=Sting vs. Flair vs. Hogan vs. DDP with Macho Man as the referee for the World Title. I see either DDP or Hogan winning it. I'm not sure how Macho will play a role. Flair is definately losing though, and Sting won't win because he just came back. I'm sitting on the fence on this one. Winner: Either DDP of Hogan-Chris Jericho has apparently hired an attourney to help him negotiate with WCW. So maybe everyone's dream of having Jericho in the WWF will end? We'll just have to see if Jericho decides to stay in Egoville, I mean WCW, and attempt or lobby to become a main eventer. He'll probably have to wait around maybe 20 years when a few of the spotlighted wrestlers pass away or are too crippled to wrestle before he becomes a main eventer in WCW. (Credit: Curt Creighton for the news portions)


-The word is Stone Cold will be coming back to Nash Bridges for another show. You know what I'd like to see? I'd like to see Stone Cold give a stunner to Cheech Martin for not making any Cheech and Chong movies. Why did he shave off that mustache? Argh! Anyways, CBS was real proud of what Stone Cold did for that show, slapping around the usual Friday at 10 champ 20/20. Stone Cold will probably be on many more shows to come.-Early Backlash Card looks like this:=The Rock vs. Stone Cold with Shane McMahon as the special guest referee. =Undertaker vs. Ken Shamrock=Triple H vs. X-Pac=Maybe Goldust vs. Godfather for the IC belt, maybe!=Quite possibly a 3 way match between Dr. Death, Al Snow and Hardcore Holly. Not sure on that though.-Backlash is very sketchy at the moment, but just realize they have a few weeks to build it up, unlike their rival organization, who sets up main event pay per view matches a week before the actual PPV happens. You wonder why the WWF is winning the ratings...hmmm.

PDC News

Alright, I will most likely have a WWF angles segment sometime in the near future. When I did the WCW one a while back, I took days to look into every wrestler or angle that I had listed. The WWF angles are much harder to figure out too, so I'll try to have it ready maybe sometime next week. I will also be having a Mr. Tito's Questions and Answers 2. If you didn't read the first one, it just basically just has some frequently asked questions that I see all of the time, and I address them in one column. So I hope you will enjoy those, and I want to thank you for reading my Phat Daily Column.

@Well, that's all for today. This is Mr. Tito, so Phat a diet can't contain him, signing off! Have a nice day.

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