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Do you smell, what the Cooking? Ha, welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. We get to experience yet another Monday Night of wrestling tonight, so for WCW fans, they better hope that WCW reads RAW's spoilers and they plan their show against it. We'll see what happens tonight. On to the PDC!


-I caught parts of heat tonight. Not a bad show, as it mainly focused around the new team of Undertaker and Big Show. I was laughing at the PMS/Meat thing, as Meat couldn't wrestle because he was tired from another "workout" before he wrestled. Ha. Also, I enjoyed the final tag match with Acolytes vs. 'Taker/Big Show. It was a powerful match, and the Acolytes really gave them everything they could swallow. Too bad Undertaker had to get them disqualified. That shows what a badass team the Acolytes are, for having Undertaker have his team disqualified in fear of possibly losing the match. I also enjoyed the Hardy Boyz vs. Funaki and Poppy Chula(sp?) match. Both teams were putting on high flying moves. I'm surprise no one got hurt from the outside moves. Tension already building between Hardys and P.S. Hayes.

-Raw is TAPED tonight, joy. Expect a few decent matches, since I read the stupid spoilers, but nothing really spectacular happens, except for one thing which I enjoy. On paper, it looks like a weak show, but it could be amazing on television. It seems like I seem down on the WWF, but I think I just expect way too much everyweek on RAW. I expect shock value everyweek, and when I don't get it, I rip them. I am, however, sick of seeing Rock vs. Triple H, Stone Cold vs. Undertaker, and many other matches over and over again. Sure, they present great matches, but new feuds are nice. That's all I'm begging for.

-Too much speculation has happened lately with "who on earth is behind G-TV". I keep hearing names here and there, and everywhere about who the person is behind it, and I'm tired of it. Meltzer suggested it to be none other than Terri Runnels, the divorcing wife of the original person behind it, Goldust. Boy would that be a pie in the face for Dustin Runnels. Anyways, others say it could be new WWF wrestler Vic Grimes, but nothing concrete has proved that. This angle is kinda lame in my opinion, but it is kinda comical. Who knows, it could be dropped like many other angles which have disappointed many.


-From what I have heard, my new favorite play by play man in WCW, Scott Hudson, will be doing Nitro again tonight!! I really hope this is true, as I feel he is doing one heck of a job announcing. He's much better than Shiavone, which you would think would be better than Hudson. Shiavone has been in WCW for years, but has he gotten better? No! He's horrible. When my brother watches the Nitro replay late at Night in the next room, Shiavone's annoying voice wakes me up! He's horrible. He can't call moves, he doesn't respond that great to the Brain's comments, and he overhypes everything. Hudson is a plain announcer, who just does his job like it's supposed to be done. He's nothing special, but he's not as annoying as Shiavone.

-Well, according to Al Isaacs, Hogan's injury was only a hyperextension, so that means we get to see more of Hogan for many weeks to come. Now, before you say, "Damn It Tito, Quit Bashing Hogan", just chill. I'm not going to rip on Hogan today. I feel if WCW really thinks that putting Hogan in the spotlight is the answer to attempting to win the ratings, then that's fine with me. I just hope he can eventually help other young wrestlers get over sometime.

-Nitro is LIVE tonight, and they better plan ahead for this one. They need some exciting midcard matches. I mean come on, Lash Leroux vs. Prince Iaukea as the first match vs. the opposing WWF start? Stupid. They have so much talent that they can book for those matches. Get this WCW. Good midcard matches do attract viewers. So why not try it? Duh.

@That's it for today. Tune in tomorrow for the famous Monday Night Impressions to see how grouchy I am against the Monday Night shows this week. Until that fateful column, just chill till the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, living up to the word DAILY, signing off!

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