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Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback yesterday, as it was greatly appreciated. Many have asked when I'll do the possible WWF angles update. Well, I'm waiting on that one because the tapings would really interfere with doing it now. Besides, WWF angles are 3 times as hard to predict or speculate on than WCW's. Anyways, on to the PDC.

BUT FIRST, I did forget a key section of wrestlers in WCW. Thanks to those who pointed it out, as I doublechecked the angles to see if I forgot anyone. Doh! Oh well, like I always say, I'm not perfect. I forgot Hennig and the Wild Texas Rednecks. Here it is:

Curt Hennig and the rest of the Wild Texas Rednecks - This team will always have a place on Nitro, but don't expect them to become a HUGE stable in WCW. They will probably brawl with midcard teams, with Hennig occasionally challenging main eventers. The group will mostly focus on cheating for Hennig to benefit from. Who knows, maybe they could be involved with that Chad Brock coming in. Hennig does have a World Title promised to him by Eric Bischoff when he signed with WCW. It's unclear, however, that WCW will push Hennig towards greatness.

On to the PDC!


-Many reports have suggested that Kevin Nash is pushing for some time off after Road Wild. This has been the laughing stock of the WCW lockerroom because Kevin Nash only attends Nitros, Pay Per Views, and only a few Thunders. They feel he's a joke anyways, always out for himself when booking. Many wrestlers are kinda happy that Hogan is back because that gives Nash a reality check that he's not the top man anymore.

-Jim Ross made a point in his Ross Report the other day. He said that the WWF was moving towards the future, unlike another(WCW). That is a great point made by good ol' J.R. Just look at WCW. What type of wrestlers does WCW focus on? They focus on the older wrestlers who were former WWF superstars or WCW legends. Sure, they have some young talent and their own created talent, but it's mostly former WWF wrestlers, who really made it big in the WWF. Those wrestlers are past their primes, and WCW is completely ignoring most of the talent that they should push. WCW has tons of young, deserving talent that needs pushed. Instead of doing that, they continue to focus around the older guys. But hey, if WCW thinks they can eventually get the ratings with this way, more power to them, but the future is going to hurt.

-A couple wrestlers, mainly Rey Misterio and Konnan, have bitched and complained about Vampiro's powerful moves. WCW is beginning to lean towards Vampiro's direction though, and they feel that Misterio and Konnan needs to suck it up, and take the bumps and not complain. WCW was really impressed when Vampiro took hard stiff shots from Macho Man during a match, and he didn't complain about it at all. Besides, WCW isn't really too fond of Konnan right now, so they might not really care if he gets pounded one night.


-Well, as you have probably seen it somewhere, no charges were filed in the death of Owen Hart. Heck, even has it on their webpage, which kinda bothers me. It could be there to show the world that it wasn't their fault, and that they had no involvement in the accident. Maybe they have it up just to prove to media that they aren't fully to blame for this accident. Anyways, even though no criminal charges were filed, it doesn't mean that the Harts will go after the WWF in a suit.

-The recent injury factor with Ken Shamrock may be the way he's going out of the WWF. He wants to begin training for the UFC very soon, and the Triple H adding more pain to his injury may open the door for him to officially leave the WWF to compete in UFC again, and if he wants to come back, the door is open to immediately feud with Triple H. We'll see if he stays in the WWF for a little bit, or if he leaves after what happened on RAW last week.

Stevie Richards in talks with the WWF!!!

Yesterday, I overlooked the Ross Report, and thanks to SheepDogg to pointing this out to me, I saw that the WWF was talking to Stevie Richards!! If you have read my column ever since I started, you would know that I'm a huge Stevie Richards mark! Many of you could be asking, who is Stevie Richards?

Stevie Richards has been mainly an independent wrestler lately, and he was a former superstar in ECW plus a brief stint in WCW. He really shined in ECW, and he became my favorite wrestler when he was leading the Blue World Order. He was Raven's main flunky in ECW, but Stevie outgrew him. Heck, I saw Stevie Richards defeat Raven at an ECW house show. He was about to go on to win the ECW World Title, but Terry Funk injured his neck. While injured, WCW came knocking on his door. He joined WCW, where he met up with Raven and became his flunky all over again. His injuries kept bothering him, so he left WCW. He's been floating around from independent to independent, and he's suffered some harsh injuries.

Now, he's fully recovered, and he has a doctors release saying that he can wrestle again! WWF would be perfect for Stevie, who has great wrestling potential once he's healthy. He's my favorite wrestler in any federation, ever, and I hope the WWF signs him. It would make my day.

@Ha, that's it for today. Kinda slow day for the WWF, as everything is centering around those darn RAW tapings. I'm not a Spoiler reporter, as I know it ruins fun for Monday Night wrestling. Oh well. I'll be back tomorrow with another just chill..till the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, the biggest Stevie Richards mark around, signing off! The official site of Stevie Richards with news and other features on Big Stevie Cool. It will soon release a statement about Stevie's talks with the WWF, so check it out!!

Take Care, and Please Remember that this Column is OPINIONATED.

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