Mr. Tito's Daily Phat Column
PainLord (November 03, 1998)
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Mr. Tito's Daily Phat Column

Welcome to my phat daily column. Today we will look
at the best night for wrestling, MONDAYS!

WCW. Now I just want someone to tell me how great
Nitro was last night, and then I'll laugh in their
face. Last night proved why Nitro is boring. I mean
come on, who wants to see matches go to the time
limit? Matches like that are so boring, and they
accomplish nothing. That main event was a snore. Oh
no, Goldbore speared Lugar!!! Oh God, if they fight,
break out the pillows! Those two have a combined 8
moves between them. And Bret Hart, whining as
always. But I will give credit where credit is due,
and Booker T looked good. He has bulked up! He beat
down Scott Hall. WCW needs Sting more than ever now!

WWF. Well, I have mixed impressions about Raw.
First off, I want to say that Edge and Christian can
wrestle with high energy. Another thing, I'm not a
big fan of the Val-Terry Runnels pregnancy angle.
That is for the soap operas. How about the Big Red
Machine Kane laying the smack down. But, that was
dumb having the cage set on fire. One thing I didn't
like, was Vince McMahon trying to act like he is the
biggest son of a bitch on the planet. He should be
himself, just look what it does for Eric
Bischoff...hahaha. Anyways, McMahon needs to drop
this hardass attitude, because he is getting way out
of line. He seems to act like Hogan now trying to do
the most evil stuff to make him look more bad.
Please. As for the Legion of Doom, I am hoping Hawk
finds himself a partner, so that he can challenge
Droz and Animal for the right to use the LOD name. I
look for WWF to win the ratings war this week.

ECW. Losing too much talent to WCW. Here's who is
gone from ECW to WCW withing the past 3 years:
Raven, Saturn, Sandman, and now Bam Bam Bigelo.
Those are big players to lose, ECW better sign some

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