Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column
PainLord (November 02, 1998)
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Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column

Welcome everybody! It's Monday, and it's a great day
for wrestling!

WCW. Hey! WCW could show us another pay-per-view
match tonight! Oh joy! hahaha That's the only way
WCW can get ratings now. I bet they would go down
for the Hogan-Warrior match. Well WCW, you lost your
two best faces in Sting and DDP. Bad time to give
them time off, but maybe that might be good for
Sting, that way they can give him time off to come
back as Crow Sting. DDP can retire for all I care.
Let's see how bad Hogan's ego gets tonight. World
War 3 is coming up, and I expect Hollywood to win it,
so he can face Goldbore at Starrcade. For the love
of God, get Big Sexy the world title!

WWF. Wow, this federation is more like a soap opera.
Marlena's pregnant with Val's kid, son McMahon and
Father McMahon are having problems, and Kane and the
Undertaker, who are brothers want to kill each other.
We even have vampires now! What the hell? Am I
watching Wrestling, or a prime time soap? Either
way, it's good stuff! I look for WWF to win the
ratings war tonight!

ECW. Not bad pay-per-view. New tag champs, renewed
rivalry between Sabu and Taz, and a new battle
between Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk. Hopefully now,
Shane Douglass will fight someone for his belt, maybe
next pay-per-view....zzzzzz.

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