Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column
PainLord (October 31, 1998)
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Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column

WCW. Well, I have been getting some, but not much,
e-mails saying that the WCW gets bashed too much.
I'll admit, I do it, but I do it cause WCW deserves
it. Lets look at WCW. They have the greatest
talent, but the greatest talent aren't at the top of
the WCW. Hogan runs things in WCW, and good
wrestlers are left out. The ones who suffer the most
are Kevin Nash, Bret Hart, Sting, The Giant, Scott
Hall, and Chris Benoit. They should be at the top of
the WCW, but no, Hogan has to get his way. One of
those individuals mentioned, Bret Hart, is a good
wrestler, but he is a bore. Hogan is the problem.
How about the 4 Horsemen.
The only thing wrong is Mongo, which by his no show,
he might be out. They need Barry Windam back as a
horsemen. This would be great for Barry, who needs
to rebound from his stalker/blackjack/NWA Champ run
in the WWF.

WWF. Possible trouble in Titan land. With Shawn
Michaels coming back, Rock getting a title push,
Undertaker pissed about jobbing, and Austin confused
about where the recent angles will go, WWF could be
in for some internal trouble. It could be just like
WCW, everyone wanting to be the man. I look for the
WWF title to change hands a lot coming up. If not,
then some title contenders will whine and quite
possibly leave when given the chance. I hope not,
WWF is creating too good of a product to have trouble
like this. We don't want 2 WCW's do we?

ECW. I am hearing from a few people from that Tommy Dreamer's partner will be
Vader. Oh brother, I hope not. Vader is washed up
now, and he should either retire or join the senior
tour in WCW.

That's all for today. Please e-mail me your comments
and suggestions. I love hearing your opinions!

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