Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column
PainLord (October 30, 1998)
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Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column!

Hey yo. I would just like to take a moment to thank
all those who wrote me yesterday. Your opinion
matters to me.

WCW. Boy Thunder was a bore...but one thing it
somehow gets is ratings! Congrats! Thunder could be
a factor in what is killing Nitro..overexposure of
product. Let's see what is in store for the Senior
Tour...I mean WCW. Good old Macho Man could be
returning soon, but I hear he is not %100 yet. I
heard he was supposed to run out for the "Rematch of
the Century"(Hogan vs. Warrior for those who didn't
hear the hype). That would have been stupid for
Macho Man. Hasn't Hogan killed him enough? One
thing I want to see, is Macho get a victory over
Hogan, badly! Macho has come up short everytime he
fights Hogan. Poor Macho. As for Mongo, I hear that
no one knew where he was. Could that mean Mongo
could be gone?? I hope so, and I hope he retires
from Wrestling too, and I would be pissed if he
showed up in the WWF. Where was Sting on Monday?
What about Rey Misterio on Sunday? Hey, I am hearing
that Perry Saturn is gonna get a US title push!
Finally, someone getting pushed that can wrestle!

WWF. Now I have recieved many e-mails about WHO WILL
at the contenders. The Rock. He is the latest
outbreak in the WWF, coming from the most hated, to
one of the fan favorites. He has talent, and the
people's elbow. But I just don't see him winning the
belt. I think a screwjob could happen, or he will
have a winning effort, and get appraised for this. I
look for the Rock to make it to the finals, but come
up short. As for Stone Cold. Well, Stone Cold I
hear needs time off, so he will be taking a break
soon, which is probably why he won't win the title.
I look for a screwjob loss in the semifinals. As for
Kane, the Big Red Machine. I look for Kane to get
the biggest screwjob loss of the night, having
Gangrel, Christian, and Edge somehow getting involved
for the Undertaker. As for the Undertaker. He will
win the WWF Belt. Why, I hear he has been
complaining about losing lately, and plus when you
lose a lot, that means you are paying your dues for
something big, the WWF Title. Besides, the WWF needs
a heel champ. As for the women's title match..well,
I look for Sable to somehow win, even though she
can't wrestle. But in the WWF, they have made
women's wrestling good again. Instead of getting
women wrestlers like the WCW had a few years back,
who were very boring to watch(no offense women), they
have women who everybody loves and wants to take home
wrestle each other. Good old fashioned cat fighting!
Gotta love that! Is it me, or did Vince McMahon,
the clay version, lay the smack down on the Clay
Stone Cold until the very end on Celebrity Death

ECW. Well, I hear that their soundtrack is out.
What is on it you ask, just some remakes or remixes
of wrestlers music. I hear it's not bad, but I feel
there are some stuff missing. I feel they should
have put the Elimator's music, the bWo music, Taz's
Music, Tommy Dream's music, Justin Credible's music,
and Al Snow's music. If they would have these on
there, I would go out and buy it.

That's all for today wrestling fans. If you have any
comments or suggestions about Mr. Tito's Phat Daily
Column, e-mail me!!!!

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