Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column
PainLord (October 29, 1998)
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Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column!

Todays report is...

WCW. So I am hearing that WCW won the ratings war.
But don't fear anything WWF, this will only occur
once a month because WCW can only show PPV matches
with a lot of attention the Monday after the PPV.
But you gotta give WCW credit though, considering
they only beat a taped show!!!! DDP is champ again,
another boring US title run, oh Joy! Now we have two
coperate sellouts at the top of WCW, you know
Goldbore and DDP. Boy the championship scene is
terrible in WCW. Kidman is the only champ I'm
interested in. Jerico's crap is getting old, and the
tag situation only needs one person to defend them.
Simply Pathetic!

WWF. Well, you lost to the senior tour this week,
now you have to lay the smack down on Monday Night!
Nothing to worry though...WCW can never keep a
ratings run anymore. Does anybody love the Rock's
new shirt like me? Anyways, let's look at the
lightweights today. Christian is the champ, and he
beat Taka who is too tied up with the stupid
Kaienti(I think that is right), and Brian Christopher
and Scott Taylor are too busy jobbing in tag team
matches. So, who do you use? Maybe X-pac, nah he
would dominate. Better start digging in WCW's talent
pool, cause I hear there are plenty of WCW
cruiserweights that aren't happy right now.

ECW. Sunny....I mean Tammy. Who would have imagined
that she would be now stuck in ECW. You screwed up
badly Sunny, cause now Sable will now take the
spotlight completely, and be bigger than you ever were.
At least you will take the spotlight of that skank

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