Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column
PainLord (December 01, 1998)
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Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column

Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Another
Monday Night at the office...

Monday Night Impressions


-It's interesting how Stone Cold is completely out of
the anti-MacMahon angle, as he is completely into
trying to kill the Undertaker. I'm glad to see that
Stone Cold and Kane formed somewhat of a bond, and
they even shoved Paul Bearer down in the sewer, which
I liked. I just hope no kids learn from this angle
and kill each other with shovels.

-I love seeing Val Venis and the Godfather together.
A porn star and a pimp, what a combination!

-Marvelous Marc Mero lost to Duane Gill after he said
he'd retire if he lost. I look for a gimmick change
with Mero, possibly the return of the Wild Man.

-MacMahon's corperate group is racking up the titles.
Bossman is the new hardcore champ, but let me ask
you, is he hardcore? Vinnie Mac might also get the
New Age Outlaws also, but I doubt that, only one
member will probably join.

-Al Snow put up a good fight, even though the head
took the Corperate Elbow.

-X-Pac and Shamrock fight each other too much.

-I thought the Mark Henry and Chyna date was rather


-The Outsiders tagged up for one match against Scott
Steiner and Horance Hogan, and they won! Even though
Nash walked away, it's nice to see the Outsiders tag
up again.

-Big Poppa Pump, or Scott Steiner took over as leader
of nWo Hollywood. Bad move in my opinion. Steiner
has no mic skills, and he doesn't stand a chance for
the World Title. Bret Hart or even the departing
Giant should have taken over that role.

-Bam Bam was thrown out of the arena after trying to
get to Goldberg after the contract signing. I wish
Bam Bam would retire, cause he just plain sucks

-Saturn is going no where in WCW. He jobbed to Wrath
on thunder, and he keeps getting caught going up
against stupid Earnest Miller.

-Hitman is US Champ again, thanks to the 2 choke
slams by the departing Giant. The second one was
vicious, I'm surprised DDP didn't go through the
ring..haha. Anyways, the Quitman is champ again, and
whoever beats him for it, is gonna get attacked by a
chair, oh no!

-Jericho lost the title to Konnan, thanks to Nash's


-HHH is set to return soon, since he wrestled the
recent house show against Al Snow.

-Shane Douglass keeps getting injured, and he seems
to be wrestling through it. He will probably
eventually take time off soon, cause after all, he's
fighting Sabu at the next pay-per-view.

-Rodman might be going to the WWF just to rub it in
to WCW because of Rodman's recent lawsuit against WCW
about pay-per-view revenues. Karl Malone is rumored
to be wrestling at Starrcade.

-Goldberg, Hogan, Stone Cold, and the Undertaker are
all featured on the new edition of TV Guide. I got
Goldberg on my cover(damn it!). It has a nice
article on each of the cover wrestlers, as well as a
good article on wrestling's recent rise.

Well, that's all I could rig up for today. I hope
you had a great Monday Night. You can go right ahead
and e-mail me with you comments, suggestions,
questions, or anything to do with wrestling, and I
I will reply!!!

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