Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column
PainLord (November 30, 1998)
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Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column

Hey welcome everybody, I hope you had a great weekend.
We've got some great wrestling on tonight, and WCW
could get better from now on without Hogan.


-Look for Nitro to have some stupid tributes to Hogan
on Nitro as well as repeat his tonight show appearance.
I'm not sure Hogan will actually be at Nitro though.

-Warrior earlier signed an extension, like after
Halloween Havoc. Right now WCW has absolutely no
idea what to do with Warrior, as he was brought in to
take on Hogan, but that flopped. Nobody cares about
the One Warrior Nation, so the future is imperfect
for the Warrior.

-Raven has some kind of ruptured artery in his head,
that's why he doesn't wrestle as much any more. He
is supposed to get a big push soon, and I hear that
his mom will come into WCW to confront him. Look
what that did for Buff Bagwell.

-Sandman and Macho Man are waiting backstage, waiting
for WCW to figure out how to put them in the

-Eric Bischoff's horsemen are about to start, and who
knows about possible members. Tully Blanchard hasn't
officially signed, nor has Ole Anderson, or so we
believe. I believe Lex Lugar would be perfect for
the bad horsemen, as he is going nowhere with the


-Wrestlemania Main Event will most likely be Stone
Cold vs. the Rock, with HBK possibly not coming back.

-Blue Meanie is now in the WWF, and the WWF is also
talking to Super Nova to join also. (DoX)

-HHH should be back on Raw soon, and he also should
be in negotiations to sign an extension with the WWF.

-Expect RAW to have to put on greater shows, now that
they know that they don't have to go up against Hogan

Nothing on ECW, except that Chris Candido and Tammy
Sytch are still in ECW. E-mail me your comments,
suggestions, opinions, or whatever and I promise
I will reply!

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