Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column
PainLord (November 29, 1998)
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Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column

Hey welcome back...I just want to say I love reading
everyone's e-mail they send in, and I also love
taking time to read them and respond to them too!


-Bad Ass could turn to corperate either at an
upcoming Raw or at Rock Bottom. New Age Outlaws are
still over with the fans, and the WWF could delay
Gunn's heel push again!

-WWF will have to get the Giant in shape, like they
do with many of their wrestlers. Giant is grossly
out of shape, and the WWF is well known for making
wrestles lose weight and get in shape before they
debut with the WWF.

House show results from Portland, ME (WWF)
Scott Taylor vs. Christion
Taylor via pin fall

Al Snow w/Head vs. some peice of trash from Boston
Snow via Snow Plow

Edge + Gangrel w/Christion vs. DOA
The Brood via Crusafix by Edge

Blackman vs. Blue Blazer
Blackman via pin fall

Goldust vs. Val Venis
Val via DQ, after the match Goldust shattered both
the ref and Val'sdreams

NAO vs. D-Lo + Henry
NAO via pin fall

badStreet Fight
Mankind Vs Shamrock
Shamrock via pin, after the match foley kicked
Shamrock's ass hardcore.

Steel Cage Rock vs Kane w/special ref Bossman
Rock via pin fall, great match. Rocky got his tights
pulled down. It was real funny. After the match Kane
Kicked both Bossman and Rocky's asses.
Best Pop- Taylor. He's from near by Westbrook, ME.
2. Brood
6. Kane

Most Heat- The Rock
2.The nation
3.Blue Blazer. He was clearly the nugget.
5.the jobber
Over All-It was a pretty good show.
Jacob Woodbury 11/28/98 Show- 11/27/98

Mr. Tito put that up, because he was impressed
someone sent him a house show.

-Hunter Hearst Helmsley returned today at another
house show. He took on Al Snow, and defeated him.
Welcome back HHH.

-Two stories with HBK. One is he needs surgery
and/or he can never wrestle again, or he can wrestle
a very light schedule. The light schedule one is due
to of course his back, and he is getting married
soon, and the whip is cracking!


-Expect WCW's ratings to explode soon, due to no
Hogan, and WCW could get interesting again. Hogan
has completely screwed the WCW, by controlling too
much of whatever was going on. Screwing the
wrestlers, the Nitros,the angles, and everything
else. I expect Hogan to take a half year to a year
break and come back, or he will just turn Red and
Yellow, since Black and White just isn't getting him
anywhere now.

-Expect the Giant to do the J.O.B. a bunch now that
he has supposively given WCW his notice of leaving
for the WWF. It's not like he has jobbed a lot
anyways. The man is the biggest man in wrestling, he
should dominate. Nash should be the only one to take

-Sandman keeps showing up backstage for WCW events...

Here's an interesting thing sent to me by Andrew
Fowlkes : I went to the Tonight Show when
"HollyWood" Hogan retired and me and my mother
decided to wait behind the building hoping Hogan
would come out so i could get his autograph. Well he
eventually came out and i approached him and asked if
i could have your autograph,he said Sure thing,whats
your name. I said,Andrew. He signed my little peice
of paper
that my mother was carrying in her pocket book and
handed it to me. I shook his hand and said,thanks.
As i was walking away i looked at the autograph and
to my surprise it said Hulk Hogan,instead of HollyWood
Hogan. I looked back at him and he winked at me
while walking away.

Cool Stuff, thanks Andrew for sending that to me.

Well, that's all Mr. Tito can rig up for everyone
today. I hope everyone great holiday season, and
shopping season for that matter. You can e-mail me
with you opinions, questions, suggestions, and/or
anything you want, and I promise I will reply!

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