Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column
PainLord (November 27, 1998)
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Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column

I'm back from my one day off, which was thanksgiving.
I hope all the wrestling fans had a wonderful
thanksgiving. Keep in mind that this is the second
time I'm typing this column today, cause the computer
crashed when I was about finished the first time!


-Word is that Mr. Ass Billy Gunn will join Vinnie
Mac's corperate order. This could evolve from the
New Age Outlaws losing to the JOB Squad. Billy Gunn
will now recieve the heel push he's always wanted
now. (king4life)

-Also, there is a possibility that Bulldog has
re-signed with the WWF. If so, how will you use a
wrestler that walked out on a federation? (Scorpio)

-Reports are that the Blue Blazer will end up being
none other than Dan Severn to create a strange angle.
The Blue Blazer has been Jeff Jarret, Owen Hart, Tom
Pritchard, and possibly Teddy Annis, a Hart family


-I watch Hogan on Leno. Hogan first came out, and
shook hands with Leno. The at first joked around,
then Hogan made his big announcement that he was
retirig from Wrestling. Hogan said he has done
everything in wrestling there is to do, time to move
on. Jay Leno showed clips from their match at Road
Wild, and then they talked about Hogan running for
president. Hogan seems very serious about running,
and he has some shots at Jessie "the Mind" Ventura,
saying he has always whipped Ventura. Hogan also
said that a running mate could be announced soon.

-Nothing is official about the Giant, but from what
happened against Goldbore, it's safe to say he's gone
come January.

-Nash looks to become the man in WCW. Goldberg is
becoming very boring to WCW fans. Nash has recently,
along with DDP, became a booker for WCW. Look for
Nash to possibly beat Goldberg at Starrcade, which
leads me to...

-Starrcade prediction!! Nash vs. Goldberg: Hall
will interfere and make Nash champ, and thus the
Outsiders are reformed. It's a possibility. :)

-Midcarders are very pissed at how Bam Bam is getting
a push.

-Tully Blanchard is said to be in great shape, but no
word on him going to WCW to work with the horsemen.

That's it for today, sorry no ECW, not much from
Hardcore Heaven. Go right a head and e-mail Mr.
Tito, and I will reply!

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