Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column
PainLord (November 24, 1998)
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Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column

College is finished for me now, so I can now work
harder on bringing you a much phatter column!

Monday Night Impressions!

Raw is War

*Mr. Tito Refuses to read spoilers!!!*
-Shawn Michaels comes back, only to prove what a
sellout he is. I don't like the fact that he is now
a corperate man, and completely turning on DX.

-The JOB Squad was in full effect with the new member
Duane Gill defeating Christian for the title, beating
the New Age Outlaws in a non-title match, and helping
Mankind win against Bossman and Shamrock. Not bad.

-I don't like faking an injury with Stone Cold a bit.
Faking an injury makes the fans concerned, and all
it causes is confusion. Stone Cold, who is the most
popular wrestler right now, blacks out at a house
show, and WWF is there to tape it and show it on Raw.
If he blacked out, why is the horrible terrible
Undertaker trying to embomb him while he is still
alive. Faking injuries pisses Mr. Tito off!

-Godfather and Val Venis should be an interesting team.

-I enjoyed seeing ICP turn on the stupid Oddities.
The oddities are just big dumb idiots who can't make
the cut, so they are together.

-Who knows who the Blue Blazer is. I'm guessing it's
about 3 or 4 people.

-Terri Runnels just doesn't look pregnant, does she.
That's all I'm gonna say about that.


-Mike Enis put up a good fight against Flexy Lexy.
Either Enis is getting better or....

-A lot of hyping has started with Nash vs. Goldberg.
But how will Bam Bam fit in the picture? As I
recall, Nash kicked his ass in the WWF.

-Giant is terrible as usual. He loses to Goldberg
quickly, only after saying he will defeat Goldberg
and fight Nash at Starrcade. I'll give credit to
Goldberg, he kicked out after a choke slam, and
crushed the Giant.

-Saturn deserves to fight better wrestlers.

-Juvy don't belong in the LWO.

-Barry turned, and the nWo killed the 4 horsemen. I
liked that!

-Wrath suffers his first loss against Nash, ahhh.

-Bobby Duncum Jr. don't impress Mr. Tito.

-Bret Hart is a bad man..haha, Malenko had him beat
if it weren't for the ropes!

-Scott Hall is gonna come back to greatness, I can
just feel it!



-Hogan is retiring from Wrestling!!! Apparantly
Hogan feels it is the right time to retire. He will
announce it officially on Jay Leno. Hogan does
deserve a lot of credit for helping make wrestling
what it is today!

-Heat in the locker room is still going on about Bam
Bam getting the push. Too much jealousy in WCW now.

-Many reports are that the Sandman has been backstage
for many WCW events. Look for a December or January

-Many have said lately that Nash will now defeat
Goldberg at Starrcade, since Hogan, the man that was
supposed to defeat Goldberg, is retiring. Nash would
be a better champ for the company's sake, as in


-Stone Cold apparantly blacked out in San Jose
yesterday. This is very unlikely to be true, because
if it were true, Stone Cold wouldn't be getting
attacked in a hospital by the Undertaker.

-WWF could be shopping for WCW talent soon. Benoit
and Giant are the big ones possibly looking for a
possible jump, as well as Scott Steiner.

-Look for WWF to re-up Triple H and Ken Shamrock's
contracts soon, since their contracts come to an end
soon. HHH has been offered mad cash by WCW, but with
Hall and Nash not happy in WCW, look for him to re-up
with WWF. (PierceP525)

-WWF and ECW relationship seems to be weak now, since
the WWF doesn't sent talent down there much anymore.

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