Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column
PainLord (November 23, 1998)
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Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column

Well, I didn't watch World War 3 cause I bought
Halloween Havoc, so I am using the results of the
recently down and out IWZ posted results.


-Nash wins!! Poor Quitman, jobbing to DDP and not
winning WW3. This proves that Nash is willing to
job, and that pisses me off, cause Nash is my
favorite wrestler.

-Bam Bam is drawing a lot of heat I hear in the WCW
locker room cause he was brought in and got a push
immediately. Egos are a flying! (Dave Corbin)

-Kidman is champ again, that's great news! Kidman,
in my opinion has been the best cruiser weight champ
in a while. But this title reign, I doubt will last

-Sting will be out till February!!!

-Enter Sandman in December, but most likely January!


-JOB squad is officially started, as they came out on
Heat. If it started in the WWF earlier, and I didn't
see it, that's because I work every Saturday and
Sunday night!!!

-There is no concern about the lightweight division,
so whoever is champ holds the belt forever...

-I hear Giant is confirmed to be WWF bound in February.
We'll just have to see.

-Marc Mero dumped Jacki on heat, and I have a feeling
he'll pick up Terri Powers, who is a great women's
wrestler, and was brought in to play Sable's sister.
BUT that could be delayed, cause Sable and Debra
McMichael were getting into it on heat. Oh well.

That's it for today, make sure you check out Raw and
Nitro tonight!! E-mail me, and I'll reply!

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