Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column
PainLord (November 22, 1998)
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Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column

With World War 3 just right around the corner, I'm
typing this column as fast as I can cause I gotta
work today.


-Nash could be a sure thing to win WW3. Bam Bam
recieved absolutely no heat when he came out, thus
killing his shot of winning it. Look for Bam Bam vs.
Goldbore at an upcoming Nitro. As for the Hitman,
who knows, he's probably gonna whine to Uncle Eric
about it, but what can he do?

-Chris Benoit is unhappy in WCW, and he could very
well depart when his contract is up. He would be
great in the WWF, getting the respect he finally

-Many insiders feel Hogan might win WW3, just because
Goldberg has lost some heat lately. Also, Hogan is
serious about being President, so what better way to
get some recognition is to win WW3, and beat Goldbore
at Starrcade.

-With Wolfpac fizzling, I have one proposal. Put Lex
Lugar in Bischoff's Horsemen, that would be perfect
for him, since he does nothing anymore. Just a


-WWF got many complaints about last Raw. They could
take it easier, but I doubt that.

-I hear that the Rock don't like being the corperate
champ, he wants to be the people's champ. The Rock
probably wouldn't get the belt this early if he
didn't sell out, but I think it could be a scheme to
get the boss.

-Mr. Tito gives out his best wishes to the Jarrett
Family, with Christine Jarrett, JJ's grandmother
passing away.

-Heat is on tonight, looks to be a great show.

Sorry, nothing on ECW, besides, I gotta go! E-mail
me, and I guarantee I'll reply!!

E-mail Mr. Tito Here!

With today being ICQ 99 doomsday, try to do anything
possible to find and kill the virus. If you don't
have it remember,


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