Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column
PainLord (November 21, 1998)
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Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column

Welcome to Mr. Tito's paradise. If you have ever
played the video game Gauntlet, go to the arcades and
play Gauntlet's 3d Gauntlet, and it's the
best video game I've ever played!!!


-Macho Man is set to return soon, and with a new
valet too. Macho has been seeing someone lately, and
she might be used as his valet!

-World War 3 could be a war within WCW, cause there
is a lot of strain on who will win the three ring
battle royal. Bret Hart wants it bad, and he wants
to beat Goldberg at Starrcade also. Looks like
MacMahon and Bret Hart's plan is working just fine.

-Wolfpac might be finished, reported on LoP, cause
Nash and Hall might be tagging up again, Konnan is
caught up with the Latino World Order, Sting is out
till November, and Lugar is doing nothing as usual.

-There is still no sign of Sandman showing up soon in
WCW, but I hear he might be allowed to use his cane!!!


-Jakks is making some mad cash of their figures!
Those WWF figures sell quickly at my local stores.

-I hear the Wrestlemania main event will be Stone
Cold vs. The Rock vs. Shawn Michaels...A TRIPLE

-The JOB Squad is now in full effect in the WWF.

-Newsweek had a great article on wrestling and
especially Stone Cold in their last issue.

-WWF doesn't get along with ECW like they used to,
they don't switch around wrestlers much anymore, and
that's a shame.

-Stone Cold could be in trouble at Rock Bottom vs.
the Undertaker. Undertaker has been sick of jobbing
as of late, so this could be his payoff.

-WWF plans to release a video on Jesse the Body
Ventura, you know to milk the publicity!!!


-ECW is still having backstage problems with TAZ.
Taz keeps threatening to jump to WCW. Why you ask?
He's not getting his way, he's just a glory hog,
that's all.

-ECW has big plans for the One Man Gang, if he sticks

-No word lately if Public Enemy and Brian Lee are

Well, that's my Phat Daily Column, and you can e-mail
me about it or other wrestling topics, and I
guarantee I'll reply!!

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And remember kiddies,

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