Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column
PainLord (November 20, 1998)
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Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column

Welcome to my Phat Daily Column. I didn't bother
watching Thunder, so I have nothing to bitch about it.


-Reports have said Bam Bam might win World War 3,
cause he is willing to job to Goldberg. Reports say
Nash won't job, but I have heard that he is willing
to job to him since they are good friends backstage.
Bret Hart wants to win WW3 and beat Goldberg at

-Bobby Duncum Jr. seems to be getting a mild push
coming in. He will fight Jericho, again, at WW3.

-Ted Turner seems to be very concerned with WCW
losing recent ratings battles. Ted Turner doesn't
like to lose.

-JJ Dillion should be a manager of the 4 horsemen, or
Bischoff's 4 horsemen. Look for Windham to pull a
Curt Henning on Flair's Horsemen.


-I hear that the Rock will turn on MacMahon, and
Shawn Michaels will become Vinnie Mac's corperate

-Terri Runnels is actually pregnant in real life,
with Dustin Runnels' kid.

-WWF sold mad stuff after Survival Series. Over
$250,000 of stuff sold.

-Reports are that the WWF have the Giant for sure.
We will just wait and see.


-Nicole Bass' contract runs out soon, and Paul Heyman
wants to keep her bad. She has been reported to be
on her way to the WWF. (Middleton)

That's it for today kiddies, send your e-mails to me,
and I'll reply, guaranteed!

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