Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column
PainLord (October 27, 1998)
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Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column

Monday Night Impressions

At least we now know the Warrior might be there for a while. So
now it is up to WCW to make him big again. They need to repackage the
Warrior, and make him, or at least try to make him big again, then you
make him tag with Sting, or feud with Sting. As for Nitro, it was
another lame one. When you book Barry Horowitz on Nitro, you know you
are hurting. It was good though to see DDP beat the Quitman, I mean
Hitman, because Hitman isn't a U.S. Belt contender, even though I would
rather see him have the U.S. Belt than becoming the World Champ. We can
all get our pillows out when Bret becomes World Champ...that will be a
major bore. I was pissed about the Lation World Order attacking Perry
Saturn. Saturn is one of my favorite wrestlers, and I think the L.W.O.
is a joke, because I am sick of stupid groups jumping people in WCW.
The Goldberg-DDP match was a ratings ploy, not a payback. The tag team
title situation is very dumb, but Kaos and Rick Steiner don't look bad
together. I am mad about Scott Hall attacking Kevin Nash, I was hoping
they would get together again, and Scott Hall was sober too!

WWF. I'll say the WWF is the stuff. That was great what they did with
Shane, who I hear is the new WWF president in real life. This will be a
great angle. Also, I hope what I am hearing about
Edge-Christian-Gangrel forming a group with the Undertaker is true, that
would be a very dangerous group, but nothing can stop the Big Red
Machine! I loved that match with the New Age Outlaws vs. Al Snow and
Mankind. Mr. Socko vs. Head would be a good match. Oddities put on a
good show, but I wasn't a big fan of the last match between Shamrock and
Austin, I feel I have seen it before. Also, Steven Regal needs to go
back to the senior tour(WCW) because I don't see how the "Man's Man" can
make it in the WWF. Motley Crue even came to Raw, proving they can
still play, but too bad it's the 90's.

ECW. Uh-Oh, ECW doesn't have a monday night show. Oh well. What I
want to address today is the messed siding of the ECW Wrestlers. If you
don't know what I mean, just look at Taz, who is tagging up with Sabu
and Rob Van Dam, who Taz hates! Not only that, Sabu-Van Dam is managed
by Bill Alphonzo, who doublecrossed Taz at Barely Legal. What is the
deal? Also, just look at Bam Bam Bigelo, he doublecrossed, Triple
Threat, and he was re-accepted into the Triple Threat! How dumb! ECW
needs to quit doing this, or they will end up like WCW!

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