Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column
PainLord (November 18, 1998)
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Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column

Welcome to my column. Please take time to read the
extra part of today's column about ICQ 99, the most
dangerous program around!!!


-Raw crushed Nitro 5.5 to 4.3. Nitro is getting
killed now, by 1.2 points for those who can't count.
WCW needs to do something, and fast!

-Public Enemy is going to ECW for a short stint as it
seems now, and they might be headed to the WWF.

-It is very unknown if Tully Blanchard has sign, as
he has been an ordained minister for a couple years
since retiring from wrestling, but who knows anymore.

-That's all for today, please read this segment, it
might save your computer's life.

The Real Deal on ICQ 99

As many of you have heard, ICQ 99 prototype has been
rumored to carry a deadly CIH Virus that will
eventually activate and destroy your computer if you
installed ICQ 99. It is true, believe me, I
One day, when I was doing the Mr. Tito's
Phat Daily Column, I put a link to a page to download
ICQ 99, not knowing about the virus. I sent my daily
column in, and Painlord replied to me asking me why I
would want to infect people's computers with a CIH
Virus. I had no idea what was going on, until I
talked to Derman, and I asked him if he had ICQ 99,
and he said no way, I don't want my computer infected
with a virus. He told me that nWo Tiger's ICQ 99
virus went off on him. He also told me that all of
the ICQ 99 viruses were gonna be unleashed on
November 22. I thought he was bluffing, but I was
wrong. He gave me a site to go to do download a
virus-scanner, and I did. I thought the ICQ 99 virus
was just a rumor started by Mirabilis to cut down on
all of the "hot" versions of ICQ 99, but that is
indeed wrong. I used the Anti-Virus Scanner, and
found 2 viruses! I had the Anti-Virus Scanner
on disinfect infected files, but those file couldn't
be disinfected, they had to be deleted. I deleted
them, but I was lucky. I found them early, before
they could destroy my computer. You need to check
your computer for the CIH virus, check your whole
hard drive!!!!! This is a bad problem, and just wait
till the official ICQ 99 comes out by Mirabilis,
don't be a dumbass and install a "hot" version of ICQ
99 like I did. If you have it, use a virus scan on
your hard drive now, don't waste any time. If you
don't have one, go out and buy a scanner, or if you
are low on cash, go to for an
evaluation virus scanner. That's where I went, and
it works, cause it saved my ass! Whatever you do,

Do not Download ICQ 99!!!!!!!

I want to thank Painlord, and especially Derman for
saving me from this CIH Virus that ICQ 99
prototype gives.

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