Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column
PainLord (November 17, 1998)
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Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column

Monday Night Impressions


-All Rumors of Bam Bam going to WCW were layed to
rest Monday, as he came out and challenged Goldberg.
Bam Bam will be just another wrestler lost in the fold.

-DDP came back from handling personal matters, and no
he wasn't injured! I'm tired of federations making
injuries up, cause it hurts the fans.

-Guess what? Juvy and Kidman fought as well as Eddy
and Rey Misterio, that never happens! haha At least
both matches had different outcomes, Juvy becoming
champ, and Rey Misterio losing to enter the boring

-How serious is Hogan? He's been campaigning all
week, but on Nitro he attacked Scott Hall after he
came out to talk about his campaign to become your

-Not a bad Nitro, but not a great one. At least the
horsemen were all back in the house.

WCW News

-Bam Bam is officially in WCW now. The question is
what will he do. I hear that he will be nWo
hollywood or he will just be in Eric Bischoff's

-When will the Sandman show up? I heard the end of
November last month, but it doesn't look like it will
happen. Look for Sandman either in December or Early

-WCW/nWo Revenge has become the biggest selling N64
unit to date, beating out WWF Warzone. Wow, now we
have video game wars.

-WCW has to resign their talent, and quick. Rey
Misterio, Giant, and Macho Man. WWF would love to
get their hands on Rey Misterio, but they may have
Giant, but nobody is sure on that one. Macho might
be given another chance in the WWF, but who knows.


-The explanation of the Rock selling out was pretty
dumb. I personally like the rock better bad, but not
when he admits kissing Vinnie Mac's ass. The main
event with Stone Cold vs. The Rock ended with the
Undertaker attacking Stone Cold. Did the Undertaker
sellout as well as the Rock?

-Ken Shamrock. The WWF really does not know how to
use him anymore. Now he has become another idiot
under MacMahon.

-The Godfather is hilarious, with his comments about
the English. That segment he was in will get a lot
of complaints because of it's fowl language, and the
ho's were feeling themselves up!

-ICP came back last night, only to screw over the
oddities. Will they stay in the WWF, or was that the
end of ICP in the WWF?

-Chyna came back from her surgery to look more
feminine. You ask me, she looks more like a man now.
She looks like a "long faced" guy now.


-Stone Cold got what he wanted with the Rock turning
heel to keep Stone Cold in the main face spotlight.
Now Stone Cold will be the savior by beating the
Corperate Champ.

-The Pitbulls are in the WWF, but right now they are
handling security. I saw Pitbull #1 on Raw last
night, so look for the Pitbulls to possibly start
wrestling soon in the WWF, if their act get cleaned up.

-Terri Powers should debut soon in the women's
division. She will probably play Sable's big bad
sister, and she'll easily take Sable's belt.

-Nothing new on Shawn Michaels, except that he will
help Jose Lathario with some independents and he is
engaged now.


-I might have jumped the gun too early on ECW signing
with Fox Sports. They are still in negotiations for
ECW to come on Fox Sports. Sorry for telling
everyone that is was official, and I will lay the
smack down on the idiot who told me it was official.

-ECW officially lost Bam Bam Bigelo, so now Brian Lee
might come back, but I doubt it. WCW is interested
in Brian Lee.

-Public Enemy should be back in ECW in 99, both of
them are recovering from injuries.

That's it for today, go right ahead and e-mail me
your comments, suggestions, and opinions, and I'll
reply to you!


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