Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column
PainLord (November 15, 1998)
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Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column

Welcome to Mr. Tito's Phat daily column! Survival
Series is tonight, so you better get ready...


-My money on the ????? will be someone for Mankind to
defeat easily, either a jobber or a McMahon Stooge.
Mankind seems to be Vinnie Mac's corperate sellout
again. Did anyone notice Socko on the Head last
Monday night?

-The Blue Blazer: Who could it be? I am hearing
that it is a relative just signed by the WWF, I think
his name is Teddy Annis?? I have heard that it might
be Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett switching around. Just
look at Monday night, Owen and the Blue Blazer
attacked Steve Blackman, whom Jeff Jarrett hates.
Then later, Goldust and Jarret were getting into it
and the Blue Blazer showed up, then it was Owen.
Just something to think about.

-King Kong Bundy might be on his way back to the WWF.
I hope not, cause he's terrible now. I saw him
wrestle Greg "the Hammer" Valentine, and lose within
5 minutes at my local fair when they had independent
wrestling. Bundy is really slow now.

-Nicole Bass is on her way to the WWF, according to
her family members. Bass vs. Chyna, that would be
good. My money's on Chyna. Speaking of Chyna, what
is wrong with some people saying she's pregnant.
She's not!


-Many wrestlers I hear are guaranteed by Bischoff to
win World War 3. That will be a problem cause Nash
is pencilled in win it, and do the job to Goldbore at
Starrcade, since Nash and Goldbore are good friends
backstage, and Nash has said that Goldbore would be
on of the few he'd job to.

-DDP could be returning soon. Sting looks like he
won't be back until Febuary.

-Giant has been offered a huge 3 year deal from WCW.
The first and second year he will make $900,000, and
the third he will make $1,000,000.....if he signs.

-WCW is not pleased(finally) with Hogan's lack of
ratings. The might ask him to step to down to a mid
carder, or they will turn him Red and Yellow again. NO!


-Bam Bam Bigelo is not officially in WCW yet. Right
now he is taking time off to think about staying in
ECW or selling out to WCW. I hear that if he signs,
Bischoff will put him in as one of his horsemen to go
up against Flair's Horsemen.

That's all for today, make sure you watch Survival
Series tonight! E-mail your suggestions, comments,
and/or opinions and I'll try to reply.

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