Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column
PainLord (November 12, 1998)
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Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column!

Well, I'm back, and I got a lot to talk about too!

WCW. Well once again Nitro loses to Raw 4.1 to 5.0.
This proves once again that Nitro can't win without a
pay per view match. Did anybody see how grossly out
of shape the Giant was? Also, Eddy and Rey Misterio
fought AGAIN! Hogan for president, that is so lame!
Well, get ready in a while for Bam Bam Bigelo and the
Sandman. I hear Bam Bam will be in nWo Hollywood and
the Sandman is still not sure what he is going to be.
I listened to's radio
broadcast with the Sandman, and he said that WCW is
not sure what to do with him. I have heard elsewhere
that WCW is actually thinking of using his old
Sandman gimmick of smoking and bashing beers of his
head. Right now, Bam Bam and the Sandman are taking
time off before they enter WCW, or the Senior Tour.
As for Stevie Richards, one of my personal faves. I
hear that Madden said that he is headed towards WCW.
I read from an interview with Stevie, and he said
that the WWF has talked to him, and they were really
concerned about his neck, unlike WCW. Who knows, but
I think Stevie would be a good edition to DX since
he's somewhat of a Shawn Michaels fan. WCW would be
pointless for Stevie, cause he would once again
become Raven's bitch. Mongo is out with an ankle
injury, that is why you don't see him anymore. I am
hearing that WCW has definately signed Barry Windam,
and possibly Tully Blanchard. It will be interesting
to see what kind of horsemen they become, either
Bischoff's Horseys, or Flair's. Another thing I
heard was that Raven and Nash got into it backstage,
with Nash knocking Raven out! That's great for the

WWF. Better watch out, Kane will set yo'ass on fire!
How about Mankind, defending that hardcore
championship. But that takes credit away from the
intercontinental champ, Ken Shamrock. As for the
European championship, I hope Regal doesn't get it.
I hate Regal, he's so boring to watch. Guess what
time it is, ????? vs. Mankind talk. I have heard the
following possibilities: either Brisco, Paterson, or
Slaughter jobbing to Mankind cause he is Vinnie Mac's
corperate sellout now/ an ECW wrestler, which I
highly doubt / Vinnie Mac himself / Shawn Michaels,
but the WWF will say he has no involvement in
Survival Series /
An oldschool wrestler, someone like Jake the Snake or
so / and Terry Funk. You also better keep in mind
that Hunter Hearst Helmsley might not be able to
wrestle the Rock, and McMahon hates the Rock now, so
who knows who will fight him.

ECW. Taz. This runt I hear has been threatening to
leave ECW lately. I have heard that he and Rob Van
Dam got into a little scuffle backstage, and Taz is
bitching about Sabu getting the next Pay Per View
title shot, which Mr. Glory Hound Taz wants all to
himself. We will have to see what happens with Taz.

Well, that's all for today! E-mail me your comments,
suggestions, and opinions and I will try to respond
to you! : ) Have a nice day.

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