Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column
PainLord (November 06, 1998)
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Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column!

Jesse "the mind" Ventura is the man!!!!!

WCW. Well, once again Thunder was a bore. It also
shows how lame the new horseman are because they
showed up on Thunder. No Mongo too! I am hearing
that Mongo will only re-sign if and only if Bischoff
will keep him as a horseman. Let Mongo go!!! If
they put Barry Windam into the horseman fold, maybe
I'll give them recognition. Also, what the hell is
up with Raven? I think he is paying his dues for a
big push coming his way. LWO is so lame. WCW is
wrestling in the 80's redone, only worse!

WWF. Who could the ????? be? Somebody suggested
that it could be none other than Vince McMahon, but I
doubt that. Why would Vince want to die against
Mankind. I'm guessing Al Snow, Shawn Michaels, and
maybe some old legends like Jake "the snake", but I
doubt Terry Funk since he is gonna be involved with
ECW more now.

ECW. Who's next to jump? I look for Dreamer to
possibly be the next, that man busts his ass, but
gets no recognition, like a title shot. John Kronus
could be another. He isn't used to well in ECW
right now, and going to WCW to feud with Saturn as a
flock member would be perfect!

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