Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column
PainLord (November 04, 1998)
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Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column

I just want to congradulate Jessy "the body" Ventura
for beating the odds as a Reform Candidate, and
proving to everybody that he wasn't just a wrestler
or an actor.

WCW. Well, looks like I was right. WCW lost the
ratings this week with a 4.1, when the WWF gets a
4.8. I guess I called that one. That recent Nitro
was terrible, and it could have been great with
Hogan, Warrior, and Bischoff missing, but no. But
there were other people missing, three big faces:
DDP, Nash, and Sting. Sting and Nash, lately(besides
Perry Saturn), are the only reasons I watch WCW.
It's gonna be interesting to see how Sandman and Bam
Bam Bigelo will fit in. Bam Bam is gonna be
terrible, and who knows about the Sandman. Come on
WCW, wake up, a federation with less talent than you
is killing you!

WWF. The Rock, out of the tournament??! I don't
think so, he'll be back in it soon, probably on an
upcoming RAW. The winner of the tourney is looking
more messed up by the day. Having the Rock kicked
out of the tourney, could make him an underdog, and
win it. Austin looks like he could win it now also,
since Vinnie Mac is trying to screw him over in it.
I'll put my money on the Undertaker, maybe, I'm not
sure. I want Kane to win it, but there is no way he
will win it. I doubt WWF will put HBK in it, so
don't ask. I hope the whole McMahon family doesn't
get involved.

Nothing comes to mind for ECW today, so e-mail me
with your comments and suggestions! I love hearing
them, and I now actually respond to your comments now!



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