New Feature-Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column
PainLord (October 26, 1998)
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Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column

Hey yo, welcome to Mr. Tito's first installment of his daily column.
Everyday, I hope, I will be looking at the big three(WCW, WWF, ECW) in
perspective. I will describe the current conditions of each of the big
three and use my opinion to see what could be done to help each

WCW. Well, last night, they had Halloween Havoc..zzzzzzz. Hollywood
Hogan got the win over the Warrior. Thank God, because maybe that will
mean that the Warrior will leave our lives forever! It was good when
the Warrior came back to the WWF a couple years ago, but when and how he
came into the WCW was pathetic. Everyone wants to see the real Ultimate
Warrior, the one who runs to the ring and shakes the ropes, not the one
who makes the ring fill up with smoke and appear when the smoke clears.
Good riddens Warrior! As for Hogan, he needs to realize that he isn't
the top man in the sport anymore. He needs to step aside, and quit
controlling WCW and let some young stars or better wrestler shine. The
one suffering the most is Kevin Nash. He should dominate the WCW. Now
they have him messing with a drunken Scott Hall. Sting is another who
should dominate. Nobody can beat the Stinger fair and square. Chris
Benoit is another who should get top billing, but no, Hollywood Hogan
has to have his way. Then you have Goldbore, I mean Goldberg. Mr. I
have only two moves! He doesn't deserve the title. He hasn't fought
any real competition yet, and when he fought Sting, Hogan helped him
win. But Hogan plays a factor in Goldberg too, because that is how
Goldbore won the title, so that he may do the job in the future to
Hogan. Bret Hart is another federation killer. Just look at the WWF
before they got rid of Bret in the Monday Night wars , and afterwards.
Bret is nothing but a cry baby. The only shining point of WCW, in my
opinion is Billy Kidman, way to go!

WWF. Excellant job WWF! You have less talent than WCW, and you are
still winning! Also, the WWF is not the senior tour like the WCW is,
they create talent. WWF lately has created superstars like the Rock,
Kane, Val Venis, and they have re-surged the careers of Mick Foley,
X-Pac, and Triple H, who unfortunately is injured at the moment. The
also have a new psychopath in Ken Shamrock. The one thing that could
shake things up will be the re-entrance of the Heart Break Kid Shawn
Michaels. Where could you put him? Could you put him in the title
race? Would Michaels try to hog the spotlight? I hope not. Michaels
shouldn't win the title for a while, so that other wrestlers can rise up
and then you will have a some very strong World Title contenders. The
only things that need work for the WWF is giving more credit to the
European Title, and strengthening the lightweight division.

ECW. ECW should worry about their regular cards than their
Pay-Per-Views. That is killing them. They are now like the other two
because they now have to hype up their pay-per-views now. They also
need to keep their talent. When they had their first pay-per-view,
Barely Legal, their talent roster was loaded. After that, they lost a
lot. They lost Raven, Stevie Richards, Perry Saturn, Terry Funk, the
Pitbulls, and now they lost the Sandman, the extreme icon!!! That is
killing ECW the most. Every ECW card is about the same anymore because
of the week talent in there now. Poor ECW. They are now also starting
to lose TV coverage. They should go to a television station and ask for
a program. Let's see, I hear FOX wants wrestling. ECW did do a good
thing by resigning Chris Candido, and Mr. Monday Night Rob Van Dam.
They also signed Justin Credible to an ECW contract. They even got 911
back for a few shows, and they signed One Man Gang. Not bad, but there
is a lot of room for improvement!

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